Peace Begins In Each Human Heart.

Teacher: The Beloved One.

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, December 30, 2018.

Posted January 23, 2018


The Beloved One: “Come and delve deeper into your being-ness, for I Am calling out to you now. Feel My Presence as you come nearer to Me. As you enter the holy temple within your heart, you are being purified, a deep healing comes about and the soul, which is centered in Me, begins to sing a love song to the Creator of all souls. 

“Let this song’s vibration touch all the other souls; those that are in various stages of awakening, and those who continue to slumber on this planet. Let us be about the Creator’s business, and awaken anyone who has the secret desire to be awakened, although his or her conscious mind may not yet be aware of this desire. 

“Every soul has within itself the power to recognize the call from on High to awaken, but many owners of these precious seed-souls are still mesmerized by the clamor of the outer world to the neglect of their inner world. There are too many undernourished souls on this planet. While their bodies grow fat and their minds grow lazy from the empty and hollow entertainment around them, which is used as a pacifier, the true hunger of the soul goes unrecognized. 

“All awakening souls are to increase the power of the love vibrations of unconditional forgiveness, not just to kin and friends, but especially to those who knowingly, or unknowingly, perpetrate all sorts of evil and maladies on the planet. 

“Increase your own loving vibrations, so that the ‘Net of Light and Love’ around the planet may grow stronger and the very air of goodwill to all may be strengthened. The celestial world stands ready and is willing to help, but it all still depends on the motivation and dedication of the mortals living upon her as to how fast the blight of severe lack, deadly famine and useless war will change and cease. 

“Planet earth is a tiny spaceship in God’s universes, and her sister planets are anxiously awaiting the time when the majority of Earth’s citizens will actively and earnestly seek peace. Peace begins in each human heart, and it will slowly and surely spread its way worldwide through individual peacemaking efforts. Each and every mortal bears this responsibility and all intent is noted on High. 

“Be assured that each mortal is accepted and lovingly administered to. Become more aware of the workers in the celestial realm and call on their expertise to help set things straight.”
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