Our Human Consciousness is Shifting.

Kate Spreckley's Inspiration.


daily inspiration 19 june 2019.

As we move closer to the Solstice on Friday the incoming light energy is intensifying calling forth our highest and purest nature. As a result, the habitual patterning of our human consciousness is shifting to restore our divine nature. It is important that we observe our current conditions and see what is being provided to support this growth. Clarity, awareness and understanding will improve as we consciously work to recognise the needs and purpose of our soul.

Our current rate of expansion is accelerating shifting your consciousness and moving you into a new state of being. This state supports you powerfully expanding your light into the world. It is imperative that you ground all the incoming energy flowing through you now. In the midst of these wildly flowing currents remember how important it is to remain centred and balanced. Relish each moment and expect the best from each day and you will experience the true wonder and magic of what is currently unfolding..
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