The Beloved One.

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Message received by Lytske

Urantia, December 14, 2019.

Posted January 6th, 2020

The Beloved One: “Willingly open your heart, soul and mind, when you tune into the Silence within. If this still presents a problem to you, ask for My help, so I can fill you ever deeper with Heaven’s Love to overflowing, even in the darkest recesses of stubborn willfulness.

“Allow Me to soften to My love all the places of resistance, so darkness and rebelliousness can flee before My light. You will become so filled with My love and light, that these will spill over to others, to empower them in turn.

“In these matters I desire your co-operation, for only you can help Me make this come to pass. It is a continuous decision making process. And the nearer you move to Me in a greater conscious awareness, the easier this will become and the clearer you will sense My guidance within.

“It is a deliberate choosing between light and dark, right and wrong, positive and negative thoughts. It is a most valuable lesson in discernment. It is a training that each soul, is to sooner or later embark upon, for there is nothing hidden before the all-knowing God.

“It is the ‘becoming perfect’ on the road to perfection. Purity of heart and sincerity of mind need to both be cultivated. There will never be any hidden agenda on this path as your conscience will ‘talk back to you’ and make you feel uncomfortable as you make a less than perfect choice in those moments when you need to choose.

“Humans have an inbuild radar to discriminate between good and bad, but this needs to be activated in early childhood by corrective behavior. This radar can become blanketed by selfishness, instant gratification urges and excesses, addictions and the like, which bar the door to true soul freedom and expansion.

“It is desired that child-culture gains greater attention from both the parents and the community. Early childhood years are the most important formative years for a happy adulthood, or instead, an unhappy adulthood when no proper child-restraint has been taught.

“However, adults can compensate for their unhappy childhood, when they consciously make behavioral changes through practicing self-discipline.”

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I am the satisfaction of your Soul – The Beloved One.

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