Oh, The Richness Of Creation!

Teacher: The Beloved One.

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, January 20, 2019.

Posted February 7, 2018


The Beloved One: “Dear one, I invite you again to settle down in My presence and experience the unconditional love I have for you. 

“Truly child, I accept you the way you are, including your mistakes, and your perceived sins of omission and commission. You are learning some astonishing lessons in life and no lasting harm is ever done. For sooner or later, yes, inevitably your lessons will be learned. 

“This is the way the Creator has ordained, that His mortal children should learn. How otherwise would you know the difference in your heart and soul? 

“The understanding you are gaining brings to your life a treasured richness which is uniquely yours. This is why all God’s children are different, for each one experiences life in his or her own way. 

“Yet all are individual reflections of the One. Therefore, see each and every one as a part of yourself, as ultimately each has their existence in the One. 

“Oh, the richness of Creation! 

“Ponder more often, these My sayings and do this rather than mull over the past. The past has served you well in bringing you more decidedly into My presence. 

“Rejoice and be glad, and trust this process we have begun together; as each individual’s ascension road towards perfection and the Creator on Paradise, is always at some level under construction. 

“Oh Mystery Of Mysteries!”
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