News of a Video with James Gilliland  At his ECETI Ranch.

The Tree of the Golden Light Update.

Nancy Tate.

April 19, 2020.


James Gilliland is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, minister, counselor, multiple Near Death Experiencer and contactee. James is recognized world-wide as the founder of the Gilliland Estate, previously referred to and commonly known as the ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) where he documents and shares amazing multi-dimensional contact phenomenon.
Bob received and sent to me and others this information and URL to watch the video of James and others with him, which is about what is coming for us all. 
The James Gilliland Story Continues!

FYI! Nancy and I just finished watching this video of James Gilliland, and what has been going on for the past 30 years at his ECETI ranch near the base of Mt Adams. in our opinion it is outstanding and informative.

There is so much great info here about not only provable UFO contact, but  also our ancient history and the outlook for the freedom coming to humanity and the renewal of our earthy home.

The video is 1:22:25 long and when would there be a better time, to have the time, to watch this than now! Pop some popcorn, get out your Chocolate ice cream, pull up your easy chair and enjoy the show.

Here is the You Tube URL to this excellent video.



Bob and Nancy

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