Part 2.


Is the Teacher

Message received by Michel Levasseur. 

Quebec, Canada, November 19, 2019.

English translation by Anyas Spencer.

Posted December 13, 2019

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

Teacher Charles: “I say hello to you all on this November day. Today, we will continue our communication series for all new receivers who have the desire to participate in the coming changes and serve Christ Michael.
“First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who responded favorably to our requests and it shines in our hearts, believe me.
“Now, we know that many of you, if not the vast majority, wonder what happens once you have expressed your positive wishes and your desire to be of service. So today and in our future communications, I will reveal a kind of manual or just a guide to become a good receiver.
“However, the most important thing in this guide is that it is simple and requires no special skills.
“That being said, each one of you must know that communication with Spirit is done by what might be called a transfer of thoughts because thoughts are the basis of our communications. So knowing this, you can begin your training as a new receiver.
“The first step would be to free your mind of all thought, to be relaxed and to have no expectation of what might be communicated to you.
“There are a thousand and one ways to free your mind and one of them to suit each one of you. For some, it would simply be to relax, for others to take care of certain tasks to free the mind and for some, to listen to music. So, there are no particular methods for this and it’s personal to each of you, You just have to find the best method that suits you in releasing your mind.
“Once you are able to ‘empty’ your mind, ask to communicate with us, because by making this request, you will go directly to the circuit of Reflectivity.
“What happens next, is a kind of thought transfer that you receive in your mind. At first it is normal to wonder if these thoughts come from Spirit or if they come from your own mind, but despite these doubts, it is necessary to persist. As for the duration of the communications, they will be of very short duration at the beginning so they can be prolonged as you progress in your learning.
“An important recommendation we want to make is to record your communications on your favorite media, either on paper or by recording on electronic media, or any other medium you are comfortable with.
“So, my friends, this communication is the first step of the Receptivity 101 course.
“The practice, the more practice and finally, the more practice is the key to progress quickly in this wonderful process and know that our team is listening to each of you and that the communication is instantaneous.
“In the next communication, I will elaborate on the subject of communication and reflectivity.
“The reception of your communications does not need to be validated by others, the learning must be done between us and you.
“Be in Love and Peace, my friends. I Am Charles."


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