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day 5.

The two Eclipse's this July are powerful portals that will take us into our destiny whether we are ready or not. Solar Eclipses on the wings of a New Moon bring the promise of change and the assurance of a new beginning. There is no stopping our current transformation as the incoming energies move to rapidly eradicate the old paradigms. The impact of this will dramatic, volatile and impactful shaking up the status quo. Nothing is stable and all possibilities are possible.
This is a pivotal moment where the natural movement of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth is shifting the very ground beneath your feet. It is vital now that you remain centred and balanced as the chaos of the world surrounds you. Do not allow your external environment to impact how you feel. Be present and conscious to what is unfolding but do not allow it to overwhelm you. Make time to adapt to what is occurring and consciously work to fuse the spiritual with the material and your mind with your heart. Bring to life the grace and serenity of your soul and walk boldly through these flames of transformation.
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