New Beginnings 

Message from the Arcturians.

Through Suzanne Lie.

July 3rd, 2019. 




July 4th is tomorrow, and represents the “new beginning” of a “new country.” Therefore, I thought I would ask the Arcturians to tell us about “New Beginnings.”
Dear Ones,
We are the Arcturians here to speak to you about “new beginnings.” As you are all aware, a “new beginning” follows an ending of that which you have outgrown and/or moved beyond. Therefore, we ask you to take a moment to ask your self: “What persons, places, situations, or thing, have I outgrown?”
Whether or not you are aware of it, asking that question will direct your attention towards what you are READY to release or vastly change. We observe that usually, humans take a long time to ponder “letting go” of that which has been important in their life. 
If that time is based on a “life review” in which you dedicate yourself to examining what components of your life are working for you, give you pleasure, as well as give you a strong sense of purpose and clarity, then it is a very good idea.
On the other hand, if your “life review” leads you to deep discomfort, or even depression or anger, it is a good idea to find someone that you can trust to assist you through this difficult transition.
Yes, we use the word “transition,” as we have observed that humans often have difficulty with transitioning into some different than they are used to. That “discomfort” is what needs to be addressed so that you can better understand your self and the reality that you have created for your self.
In fact, one of the primary transitions that we have perceived as a human challenge is the transition of accepting that THEY are the creators of their life. If they can accept that they are the creators of their own life by taking credit for what has worked for them, and my forgiving themselves for the “human mistakes” that a component of “life on the third dimension.”
We, the Arcturians and all the members of your Galactic Family wish you to know that we can see and deeply understand the difficulties that are a component of living in the third-dimensional frequency of reality. Even though some of us have not yet had a “tour of duty” on third dimensional Earth, we have all worked together to assist the ones who have returned from a third-dimensional incarnation.
Some of our returnees had a great adventure, and some of our returnees had a difficult time in the time-bound, polarized realized the reality of third dimensional Earth. However, ALL of our returned were deeply moved by the manner in which dear Gaia, the consciousness of Earth, has been mistreated by some of the earthly beings.
We say “some” of the earthly being, as we are very happy to observe that more and more humans are taking personal responsibility for the health and welfare for the planet that they have made their home. However, there are still too many humans who resonate to a low frequency of consciousness that do damage to Gaia on a regular basis.
Many of these humans are not really “human” in that they are the dark ones who can take a human form but do so for negative reasons. Therefore, we remind our human representatives to look into that one’s heart to determine if it feels like love or feels like fear.  Yes, indeed, the dark ones are driven by fear, which is why they can do so much damage to Gaia and all Her inhabitants—including other humans.
Those humans who are awake and aware of their own Higher Self can easily identify these “lost ones,” as we call them. These lost ones have often stolen their Starship from another who was docked in the lower realms of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.
However, the lost ones cannot raise their consciousness, and thus the frequency of their consciousness, beyond the Lower Astral Plane. In fact, many of these “lost ones,” as we call them, are trying to return to the higher realms after their “time on Earth.” However, they have harmed dear Gaia, as well as Her many inhabitants in some manner.
Therefore, according to our Universal Laws, they can only return to the Lower Astral Plane, where they will instantly receive the energy that they have sent out.  On Gaia’s third dimensional reality, one can do many harmful things to others and to the planet, but seem to “get away with it.” 
However, at the end of their incarnation on third dimensional Earth, they will go into the fourth dimension. The lowest sub-planes of the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane, which will echo and reflect those who enter, the sum-total of the energy fields that they left on Gaia.
For those who used their incarnation on Gaia to spread wisdom, kindness, and unconditional love, have unknowingly created a portal of Love and Light through which they, as well as all the others who spent their incarnation based on Love and Light, can enjoy and prepare for their wondrous experience of the fifth dimensional realities.
If and when, those who could only resonate to the Lower Astral Plane, learn to live by and share Unconditional Love with the others, they too will be able to resonate to the Mid-fourth dimension, then the higher fourth dimension, and hopefully will eventually ascend into the fifth dimension. None of their journeys is a “form of punishment.” It is just that “energy out equals energy back.”
Therefore, those who seemed to “get away with” far too many selfish and cruel deeps to Gaia and to any of Her inhabitants, will need to remain in the lower planes until they have remembered that “they are the creators of their reality!!”
They are not being punished. But, they are receiving back to them exactly what they have put out to others, including Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants. As, and if, an inhabitant of the Lower Astral Plane has remembered and chosen to live within and share “Love and “Light” to the other members of that plane of reality they have found themselves in, they will advance into higher and higher frequencies of Light.
If they can remember how to resonate to the fifth dimension, they will be able to go back to their former Starship or Homeworld to continue their healing. It is only once they have been able to return to the fifth dimension, and served in that frequency until they are totally ready, that they can experience another incarnation on Gaia.
However, if they return to Gaia too soon, the many difficult challenges of the third dimension may corrupt them again, which is why there are still “dark ones” on Earth. These dark ones will often cycle between Gaia and the Lower Astral lifetime after lifetime. It is because of this dynamic that living on Earth can be such a challenge.
Fortunately, there are still many humans who live in Light and Love and strive to not only heal other humans but to also hear Gaia and ALL of Her many inhabitants. These humans are deeply honored on their crossing over into the Higher Planes. 
In fact, many of the “Love and Light Humans” (as we call them) cross over during their sleep to visit their higher dimensional friends, family, and even their own higher dimensional SELF.
“How can we visit our SELF?” we hear you ask. You can visit your fifth-dimensional SELF even while you living in your third dimension body. Yes, that is, indeed, possible. All you need do is to expand your third-dimensional consciousness into your fifth-dimensional consciousness.
Of course, it is one thing to expand your consciousness while you are meditating in your home, being with a group of like-minded friends, or being in Nature, but it is another thing to maintain you expanded consciousness while you walk through the many challenges of your third-dimensional daily life. 
It is for this very reason that we wish to commend you for being able to “remember your SELF,” while in the grips of the challenges of daily life. 
But, how do YOU “Remember your SELF during your daily life?
Dear Readers,
The Arcturians, though me, have suggested that you—The READERS—put into the comments section: 
HOW YOU remember your SELF, during the challenges of daily life?
Thank you so much for joining in with this group endeavor. What if we ALL chose just one thing that would help us remember our SELF—and then we remembered our SELF!!
Now that would be a great July 4th  celebration!
Where ever you live, in whatever country, take a long moment to
The Arcturians through
Suzanne Lie

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