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Prepare for Change releases our final interview from our Ascension Series Interviews done at the Portal to Ascension Conference – this one with conference organizer Neil Gaur of Portal to Ascension ( In our conversation, we speak about being a conduit of truth.
Gaur is the driving creative force behind Portal to Ascension. The Portal to Ascension brand was created to help humanity navigate through the range of awareness regarding consciousness, human empowerment and the paradigm shift of our society. Through live and online events and a library of webinars viewable at, Neil presents many thought leaders in the Ascension, ancient history, consciousness, and ET fields. He speaks with us about the future of Portal to Ascension and what to expect in the coming years.
We conducted all of our Ascension Series Interviews at the Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine in October. This culminates all of our interviews. If you’ve missed a previous interview, you can find them here: YouTube Ascension Series Interviews.
Our Ascension Series of Interviews took place this past October when Prepare for Change attended the Portal to Ascension Conference in Irvine, CA put on by The weekend conference focused on speakers that presented information about different aspects of Ascension from its historical significance, the cycles of time, what it means to humanity, how it will lead to changes in consciousness, how to discern claims, and more fascinating topics.
We held interviews with seven presenters of the conference including Rey Hernandez of the Edgar Mitchell FREE FoundationBilly CarsonJohn DeSouzaRob PotterDrs. JJ & Desiree Hurtak, and Adrian Vallera
It has been with great pride that we were able to join together with Portal to Ascension to present these “Ascension Series” interviews for our Prepare for Change and Portal to Ascension community members and the public. Please like and share when they come online.
Also, thank you to all the comments and shares you’ve made – it’s helped us think of ways to better present content in the future. We are always looking for volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping us bring better content to our platform, please get in contact with us.
Check out all the interviews at our YouTube channel, found here.


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