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December 15, 2019.




Nature is a constant reminder of the principle of abundance.
Nature routinely produces more than it needs, thousands of times over. Rather than producing one acorn to grow a replacement oak tree, a mature oak will produce up to 50,000 acorns in a good year, and the tree will keep producing for hundreds of years.
That is the natural way.
Plants produce thousands of seeds in order to guarantee the survival of their species.
That is the natural way.
As just one example, palm trees produce thousands of seeds per year.

When Infinite Being created the universe, did it stop there? Not at all, it creates as many versions of the universe as are needed so that all possibilities of existence can be experienced.
That is the infinite way.
Limited thinking makes people believe that resources are limited, that there is only “so much” available. While this appears to be true at the time, it ignores the fact that you can create new abundance in many ways.
Did the number of horses in the 19th Century limit how easily people can travel today? Not at all. The car was invented, along with today’s 200-horsepower engines.
Did the cost of a large business computer in 1970 limit how much computing power we have today? Not at all. The personal computer changed all that. Today, home computers are far more powerful than the largest business computers were in 1970.
Trip to Mars?
Did the cost of flying into outer space in the 1960s limit people’s ability to go on tourist trips to Mars today? Well, okay… more work needs to be done on that one!

Since nature is so abundant, how can people tap into that abundance and create it in their own lives? It certainly doesn’t happen by making loud demands at a conscious level, or just by wishing, wanting, or hoping. It is human consciousness which creates lack, and it is also human consciousness which creates abundance.
If it is human consciousness that is doing the creating, then why isn’t everyone creating abundance, joy, and peace?
There are principles involved in how we create. Can you write them down on a piece of paper?
One of the main teachings of metaphysics is that you create your reality. The question is, HOW are you doing it? Even though you may believe the former, do you understand the latter?
We are constantly creating.
So, how exactly are we doing this? Most of us are not sitting on the couch “mentalizing” a red sports car – or whatever – for 8 hours a day. There has to be more involved than just visualizing, and there is!
On our new course, Creating Abundance: Living Life to the Fullest, you will learn how the process works. In addition, we are taking things to the next level – the forms of fourth-dimensional consciousness that support the conscious creation of a better life and a better world.
For the powerful new principles we will reveal in January 2020, be sure to sign up for our Creating Abundance course.

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