Much Love Now Emerging Upon Earth

The Angels 

Through Ann Albers. 

March 14th, 2020


My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Take heart! Don’t fear. Love is as contagious as your worst virus. Love spreads like wildfire if offered freely. Love lights up the hearts and minds of souls to the point where they simply don’t have the right chemistry to let the viruses of biology and mind possess them!
Love, dear ones, is the ultimate cure, the ultimate healer, the ultimate immunity. For as you rest in love you rest in the arms of God. As you abide in love, you abide in truth, well being, and an energy of peace that is beyond the comprehension.
Be a carrier of God’s great love!  Share love anywhere and everywhere you can. Make it your mission. Be kind when others are hurried. Be peaceful while others are in fear.  Show compassion and courtesy to your fellow human beings. Prayer for those in sickness of fear.  Pray for those who don’t know any better than to be angry and unkind.  As you allow this light to flow through you, it cleanses you, uplifts you, and brings you into a higher vibration where you can truly be in the world but not of it.
Right now there is a huge vibration of fear upon your planet earth that is “going viral.” Still, there are just as many souls seeking to spread love! While there is indeed a a parasitic vibration that stirs up and feeds off your fears, it has no comparison with the strength and power of the love it forgot within its own spirit!  Love wins, dear ones, always and forever. Darkness is illusion, mighty though it may seem.
We see so much love now emerging upon your earth! There are scientists working around the clock with great passion to find a cure. There are social and health care workers fearlessly tending to those in need. There are government workers selflessly assisting the people whom they serve. There are teachers working to implement protocols so their students can continue to learn.  There are sanitation workers and factory workers doing jobs that previously faded into the background of human life but have now come to the forefront and are of utmost importance.
We see so many of you working to be that light in this darkness, to stand in faith, and to take care of your families with prudence, not with fear. Dear ones, love exists everywhere you look!  Seek it. See it. Be it!  For it is with your hearts, your kindness, your prayers, and your light that you become the solution and the cure to all ills. It is in this vibration of Love that you are immune to the darkness for you have merged with the Light.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
The Angels.

Ann Albers.

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