Moving Us to Higher-Dimensional Consciousness?

Steve Beckow.

Golden Age of Gaia.

Posted March 23th, 2019 by Wes Annac.

The universe seems to be pushing us to be loving and flowing. That’s the life pattern of the higher dimensions. And that’s what CV-19 is calling out of us.
Flow is the structure, the process, the milieu, the pattern of life in the higher dimensions. That’s an assertion I make having spent time in them (Fifth to Seventh). (1)
Compared to them, we’re like statues. We don’t flow.
We proceed at a snail’s pace, checking in with our desires, assessing the situation, weighing the probabilities, etc., before we even take a step.
The amount of detail coming at us as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic is enough unto itself to keep us off-balance. The weight of the tragedies being visited on society – people dying, out of work, closing down their livelihoods – is also overwhelming. We cannot meet the challenge from an overwhelmed mind.
Covid-19 is bringing the necessity of flow to us if we’re to weather this state of overwhelm. That’s the first thing I want to point to.
Second thing. Everyone in the higher dimensions exists in a state of love. They’re bathed in love.
They’re blessed with an inner tsunami of love, in the face of which no negative thought could arise and no desire to harm could exist. Love of a kind like that I did not know at all beforehand.
Suppose you’re a seven-year-old kid and Mom asks you if you want a glass of freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice. You say “yes” and she serves you Tang or Kool-Aid.
Oh my Gawd. You’d wretch and say, “That’s not orange juice.”
Well, what we consider to be love is Tang compared to their freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice. It’s not on the Richter scale compared to what love is in the higher dimensions.
I’ve spent time … time? … in the Ocean of Love. There isn’t much I know in the universe. I can’t hammer a nail in straight. But I do know love.
The response that Covid-19 is calling out of us is compassion, which is a form of love.
What the Pandemic is Doing
A pandemic such as we’re going through is chaotic and overwhelming in its consequences. Many of us are thunderstruck at the changes asked of us.
Yet I maintain that the Coronavirus pandemic, as tragic as it is, has a cosmic meaning. That meaning is to have us be so taken aback that we’ll actually make the move from being structure-bound to being fluid and from being isolated to being lovingly connected.
No, not by doing something risky or dangerous. Prudence is always required. We’re in a pandemic after all. But when the way is clear – and you keep your social distance – to begin to love and flow with people.
Hey, this is Stickman calling. I’m going to have more trouble with this than any of us and I’m here till the end.
Be that as it may, we cannot meet this disaster from the mind. Nor from the intellect, memory, imagination, or any other Third- or Fourth-Dimensional source within ourselves.
This can only be successfully met with an opening of our hearts to ourselves and others, and that in itself will lead to love and flow.
Where love and flow come together is that love flows. I cannot tell love to go to Mary and not Bob. Love instantly disappears if I do.
Love needs to flow freely. I have to allow it to go from my heart and flow out to the world. (2)
We need to start loving and flowing, within ourselves but – the pandemic is helping us see – with each other.
Or we can shrink, hoard, not listen to the cries, and do nothing. But that will simply cause us to lose the opportunity that this lifetime is. And this is not a lifetime to lose an opportunity.
Houston, I repeat. The universe seems to be pushing us to be loving and flowing. That’s the life pattern of the higher dimensions. And it’s what CV-19 seems to be calling out of us.
(1) I’m no longer in those spaces. And, while we’re here, I am neither qualified to be nor do I wish to be a spiritual teacher. Just a writer.
(2) That’s why I chuckle when I hear the phrase “universal love.” Show me love that is not always, already universal.
Steve Beckow



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