Mother Arc Portal for SRA’d [Satanic Ritual Abuse] Children

By Lisa Renee

April 7, 2020


Dear ES [Energetic Synthesis] Family,
I would like to share a quick update in regards to an impromptu Guardian project that began Friday evening, April 3rd, and which has been ongoing throughout this weekend. I am sharing this for the specific reason that some of the community members that are especially sensitive and empathic to the changes happening in the community architecture and planetary field, may be picking up on some of these challenging energies that are currently very present regarding Satanic Ritual Abuse of children.
Last evening a Mother Arc portal was opened for safe passage for disembodied and embodied victims of those held against their will in the underground cages, as well as trapped in phantom spaces that were using human sacrificed SRA’d children for the purpose of opening dark interdimensional portals that opened in a labyrinth of “in-between” spaces in the fabric of space-time. This portal network is extensive in the phantom timelines, leading into the artificial base 10 core manifestation body of the Artificial Tree of Life. From what we are investigating, it appears that the artificial sephiroth projections for artificial timelines have been built on human blood sacrifice, especially those of children that have been abducted worldwide for a variety of purposes.
What was needed during this project, for those that are serving the Christos Mission, is that some in our community, and those especially with a strong inner Holy Mother presence, volunteered to be of service as the surrogate Mother bond to spiritually protect the children. To hold one or more of these children inside our heart space, while in their traumatized soul body, to nourish and protect them while in the incubation period of spiritual healing that is necessary before they could continue to the next stage of their evolution journey.
These souls have been used for human sacrifice and SRA, some are little babies, and thus have splintered off from their soul family group. Unable to continue to expand consciousness, not knowing who they are, lost and bewildered by the trauma administered at the point of severing the body from the soul, which resulted in layers of traumatic dissociation and severe fracturing.
This is a very important service of supporting transit of these child groups that have been used for SRA, needless to say, one of the most important missions to accomplish while we are on the earth. The challenge is the level of spiritual strength and lightbody stability, sacred heart development to hold the Holy Mother presence in her truest form, takes every bit of focus and personal strength available. To be present to the energy signature of child torture at these levels is unfathomable, the emotional devastation translates into real-time processing, and there is a skill in holding total stillness in the purest love and harmlessness, and not allowing the emotional body to go too deeply within to completely experience the nature of the trauma.
We must be careful to not be pulled into the timelines of the actual event when it happened, because it is beyond what most people can take in observing and can result in emotional body fracturing. Thus, the psyche, mental and emotional body must be very strong and spiritually devoted, to be able to withstand the pressure and witness some of these most heinous events violating the soul in a child body, it is just unimaginable evil. There are no adequate words to describe this experience. The Inner Christ self protects our consciousness from the direct sharing in the visuals of the actual trauma event, but one can feel its result in your heart space, and it brings both an incredible rawness of pain deep inside your heart, mixed with an incredible joy to have the privilege of witnessing this rescue of souls.
To see and feel a child soul able to finally rest and feel the protection of his/her true Mamma (Holy Mother) that has come to get them. One cannot imagine the sensation of joy at the moment of being reunited, it is beyond any expression. This is also about restoring the Mother-Child bond that was severed from the planet, and this can be deeply felt in these interactions. So far, they all seem to know her, there is no confusion, they come running back to their Mamma with arms outstretched wanting to be cuddled and picked up, no matter what size they are. This is very emotional, and the witnessing of the trauma process is exhausting to the physical body, but the inner fire of the sacred crystal heart with the Holy Mother takes off all the energetic burden and transmutes the pain quickly.
The necessity has been that for some of these little ones, a group of us developed our heart center to hold as many of these souls as possible, so they could be taken to where they needed to go in the next stages. To know they are finally “found” and safe in a truly loving, protected environment with their true spiritual parents and family. I have not had one yet that was confused or scared, they feel the love of Mother immediately and they know it and recognize it immediately. Thank God we are the Cosmic Christos-Sophia!
Thus, the range of physical symptoms may be strong today and for those serving this piece of the mission. Personally, this feels like being inserted into other times and spaces in an ongoing succession, my body is utterly exhausted but relieved, my emotional body is raw with a heart bursting in tears, my eyes sore, the entire body feels achey and tired, and unable to move around much. In case you are sensing these profound shifts, or aware of the plight of child souls being used in sacrifice and our goal to get them to safety in the Christos source field, and can feel this amplified in the community field right now – this is why.
Thank you so much for compassionately witnessing. This represents everything we have returned to earth in order to achieve, and although very difficult, as you may imagine nothing is more rewarding and fulfilling than participating at this level of service to the children. It is the promise of the Godhead returning finally, and we have waited so long for the right timing in order to be successful, as well as effective.
Although this topic of child Satanic Ritual Abuse is very difficult to consider, I hope this update is interpreted as a great victory for all of us on the earth, as it is. Changes in the architecture of the planet has allowed us to finally get to these levels, of which many on various dimensional planes are so grateful.
As Christos Starseed people, this is why we descend into the hell realms to experience the devastation and then through single minded spiritual devotion, came out into the light of the other side, to understand the way the NAA think and the reasons behind their violent actions. It is the reverse engineering of the NAA alien architecture that gave us the path through and around it, and this is setting a precedent. I’ve not seen this level of the rescue of child souls used in SRA happen before in this magnitude, which portends a great achievement for earth ascension, despite all of the current confusion and fear.
I have decided to share this update in the weekly blog, for those that may have been connected to rescuing some of these children in their spirit bodies, and were unsure of what may be occurring. To be aware that many of us are acting and have acted as the surrogate Mother to hold and protect the soul of a child inside of our heart center, until they are strong enough to be moved into their next stages of evolution. This can be for one child or many children, and last for minutes, hours or days.

Much love and gratitude to all of us in the spiritual community for supporting the Christos Mission, and for each unique person that has helped to make this happen. May we continue to pray and meditate for the rescue of all abused children, in so they will come to know true love and peace through the kindness of those adults around them. Thank you with all of my crystal heart and Christos spirit!
Love and GSF,
Lisa (4.)

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Lisa Renee


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