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July 24, 2019

Hello Illusion Destroyers!
Here's a mission update with the latest videos, upcoming events, and more!
The Cosmic Secret
The first trailer has been released for The Cosmic Secret, the much anticipated sequel to Above Majestic. This is a very rough cut, only audio from the movie was used, no video footage. If you will be going to the Dimensions of Disclosure conference next month, you may just get a sneak peak there!
The Cosmic Secret Trailer #1 & Dimensions of Disclosure, Ventura CA Aug 23-25
Dimensions of Disclosure
Join myself, David Wilcock, Bill Binney, Corey Goode, Sacha Stone, Robert David Steele, Dr. Michael Salla, and many more speakers, authors, journalists, and influencers at one of the most woke events you'll find around.
August 23-25, Ventura Beach Marriott, Ventura CA.
Latest Videos
Back to the grind and pumping out them YouTube videos like crazy!
Check out the latest:
Yesterday's livestream of the latest Q, UFO news, vaccine news, and much more! This is a long one!
[7.23] Q's Latest - Classified D.C. Missions - FBI Searches LA City Hall - Epstein - Iran Spies
I did a livestream on Sunday night talking about some of what I have coming up project wise, and took quite a bit of time to tall about SPACE and answer questions! This was a fun (and hot) chat!
[7.21] Garage Talk: DTI Happenings & Q&A on Space (Apollo, UFO, Antarctica, Space Force)
Fancy new introduction video for my YouTube channel and my website.
Jordan Sather - Destroying the Illusion Channel Introduction
Conscious Strength
Fantastic testimonials are coming in about the products available on my website! People were telling me how much they loved the shungite EMF protectors, shungite pendants, and the ORMUS... and this was just from yesterday! I'll be collecting many more of these. If you've tried any of my products and have feedback to give, please message or email me!
Jordan Sather


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