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The recent events orchestrated by the U.S. government in Iran have backfired in a major way and the repercussions have only just begun, multiple sources agree.  The worst result has been to force the British and the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world away from their alliance with the U.S. under its current administration, MI6 sources say.  “Whatever happened should never have happened, and the Western powers need to vacate the Muslim world and contain Israel,” the sources say.
Even the Israelis are waking up to the dangers of the Evangelical Christian nut jobs they created, Mossad sources agree.

Of course, the rest of the world already views the U.S. as a pariah state, so now U.S. President Donald Trump is totally isolated on the world stage.
Before we go further into the fallout, let us summarize exactly what happened.  Basically, it was yet another attempt to start World War 3 by the Messianic Jewish crazies who, for simplicity’s sake, we will call the Zionists.  This time they orchestrated an escalating series of events in a vain effort to get their long-awaited Armageddon by:
  1. Murdering an American contractor in Iraq and blaming it on the Iranians.
  2. Convincing or blackmailing Trump into a disproportionate response.
  3. Getting their Iranian agents and brainwashed dupes to riot at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
  4. Forcing Trump to commit a war crime by murdering Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.
  5. Remotely hijacking a Ukrainian airliner and flying it with transponders off towards an Iranian military base to fool the Iranians into shooting it down.  (For those readers who do not yet realize this, in the late 1990’s the U.S. had remote hijacking equipment installed in all civilian airliners, supposedly as an anti-hijacking measure.  This ability has been repeatedly abused for political purposes by the Khazarian mafia).
Now they are trying, and failing, to orchestrate regime change in Iran.  Instead, though, this botched operation has succeeded in waking up a critical mass within the Western intelligence/military community to the fact the U.S. government has been hijacked by a fanatical cult that is trying to start WW3.
That is why the UK Defense minister Ben Wallace publicly announced his country was breaking away from its military alliance with the U.S.

There has also been a huge pushback by saner minds in the U.S. military-industrial establishment against the end-times fanatics centered around presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner and his Chabad cult.  For example, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper publicly denied claims by Trump that Iran was planning to attack U.S. embassies.

Pentagon sources say, “Despite the rhetoric, Trump has no choice but to pull U.S. troops out of Syraq, and eventually the Middle East.”
The reason Trump has no choice is, among other things, financial.  The U.S. has wasted over 7 trillion dollars on endless war in the region and is now running out of money.  This is the $7 trillion, by the way, that the Japanese were hoping to spend on ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction before the U.S. regime stole it from them.
There was a meeting between a representative of the White Dragon Society (WDS) and a senior Asian secret society leader last week to discuss, among other things, a plan for the bankruptcy reorganization of the U.S.
The plan calls for …


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Letters to the Editor

January 12, 2020
Letter about Flight PS752
Hi Ben,
I want to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings a clear vision of peace for the world, though I’m afraid we’re not off to a very good start!
I just watched your January 9th interview with Robert David Steele. I wanted to comment on the Ukrainian airliner that was brought down over Tehran the other night.
When it happened so soon after the missile launches at U.S. bases in Iraq, people on Twitter, especially Americans, immediately jumped to the conclusion that the downing of the plane was a military operation to stop some Cabal leaders from escaping Iran. Many were asserting that the 63 Canadian passengers were in fact Iranian spies.
This upset me, as I was hearing reports from local news concerning the people who had died in the crash, including a grade 10 high school student here in the Greater Toronto Area. Nowadays people don’t trust the media and have seen “crisis actors” for other false flag events.
So I started digging on the people featured in this CTV article:
What I can tell you is that I confirmed quite a few of them. I looked up the family doctors who were working in British Columbia on college websites, the obstetrician in Edmonton, and the dentist in Halifax, and they all had established practices. I also confirmed two tenured professors at the University of Alberta, a secretary working for the Teachers Secondary School Federation (through a friend who said she’d been there at least 5 years), and as well was able to confirm a PhD student in Computer Sciences at the University of Toronto. There was such a variety of professions listed amongst the victims that I highly doubt they were all a bunch of Iranian spies/double agents.
Which leaves me with these difficult questions:
1. Did the Iranians accidentally shoot down a passenger plane because someone was jumpy? There were lots of commercial flights in the air over Tehran that night, both Iranian and International. They were taking the normal flight routes you would expect.
2. There have been credible reports from people with contacts in Iran that the President of Iran has been rounding up supporters of Soleimani since his death. Some had said that Soleimani was becoming a loose cannon, with all his terrorist factions that he was backing to advance his own agenda in the Middle Eastern region. So the theory is that the Iranian president worked out a secret deal with the U.S. military to take out Soleimani, and that the 15 missiles shot at U.S. bases in Iraq were simply a show in order for the Iranian government to save face with its people. Soleimani had many supporters, but there were also many people in Iran that feared and despised him. Therefore the President couldn’t make it look like he was involved in Soleimani’s death.
Next, in regards to the Ukrainian airliner…
Were there terrorist/cabal targets on the plane that the U.S. military and Iranian government wanted taken out as well? Did they decide it was okay to “sacrifice” a bunch of Canadian citizens on board as collateral damage, including children and babies?! I’d hate to think they could be that coldblooded just to achieve a military agenda.
3. This fellow on Twitter found some anomalies in the flight pattern information, including a tail number that had been changed. Some people feel the pictures of the crash scene seem staged. All I can tell you is that there are real people in the Iranian community in Toronto who seem quite distraught about the death of their loved ones. There are principals of local schools and colleges making announcements of the names of students that were killed.
I find it hard to believe that these 63 Canadians, including a wedding party from Edmonton, agreed to participate in faking their deaths and hiding out in Iran. One was a mother and 10-year-old daughter who were visiting their grandparents, and the husband remains behind in Canada.
The other possibility I was wondering about is that maybe there were cabal/terrorists escaping Iran, and they found a way to trick the Iranian military into shooting down the wrong plane, allowing them to escape in the process. It’s been said that in order to shoot the plane down, they would have had to track it right from departure and takeoff, and this commercial plane had been delayed from takeoff for 1 hour for some unspecified reason. Did the evil elite use it as a decoy by changing the tail number on the programmed flight log, etc.?
Anyway, it’s been very upsetting. It reminds me a lot of when Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by the Russians in 1983. I was attending a Korean Zen Buddhist temple in Toronto, and I remember how devastated so many people were who had lost relatives, and they were doing many funeral services.
In a way, I’d prefer to think it was an accidental shoot-down of the plane, rather than a cold-hearted calculated military operation to take out a few Cabal leaders.
I would appreciate your insights, and just thought I’d fill you in with my research “on the ground,” so to speak.
All the best, and good luck with your negotiations for world peace!
—MB of Mississauga
Hi M,
To be honest, I do not know what happened with the airliner, but my best guess is Trump ordered it shut down in order to blame the Iranians and distract from the huge mistake he made in ordering the death of General Soleimani.

January 12, 2020
Fulford interview with Robert David Steele about Iran, WWIII avoided, and 1,000 years of peace
Ben Fulford focuses on the big picture and imminent world peace, with everyone on board except for a tiny handful including the Deep State Zionist core. The assassination of General Soleimani, whether fake or real, is a disaster for the Zionists, and WWIII has been averted. The U.S. corporation appears bankrupt, and the earthquakes in Puerto Rico (home of the “corporation”) are not natural. Zionists are killing Christians to try to destabilize the Middle East. Thierry Maysan’s report on an assassination threat to Trump from Zionists explores the possibility that assassination is theater, but could be a last-ditch effort by Zionists and their neocon sympathizers to start WWIII. The crash of the Ukrainian aircraft leaving Tehran could be connected. Attempts to start WWIII failed, and we’re headed for 1,000 years of world peace. Is Trump a genius or a Zionist puppet? The end result is peace. Jews are protected and safe, and there is no threat to anyone. Truth and reconciliation are the order of the day.

January 11, 2020
Notice: Planetary meditation
We are getting many contacts informing us of a planetary meditation on January 11th. The aim is to get enough people thinking about beneficial planetary change to actually make it happen. Whatever your belief system is, please take some time on January 11th to imagine an ideal world and how to make it happen. Thank you.
Dear Mr.Fulford:
As your loyal follower, I ask you to share this information about the Planetary Meditation that will take place in a matter of days. I hope all is well on your side and that you are healthy and safe. Thank you in advance.
During the course of history, many honorable and brave warriors who loved life gave their life for our freedom, from the Allies in both the first and the second world wars to the brave white-hat operatives around the world. They have fought against enslavement of nations and horrors of concentration camps around the world, but their sacrifice will be in vain if we do not finish what they have started. They have not only been defending our freedom but our right to live as well. This is not the battle for borders or resources; this is the battle for our right to live. We are fighting against annihilation.
The means of fighting can vary in shape and form, from violent to non-violent ways. In a matter of days, people around the world will perform a Planetary Mass Meditation called “The Age of Aquarius Activation.” This is one of our nonviolent ways which is followed by physical action.
We call upon all of those who wish to do good in the world and see the new dawn rising. Freedom is on the horizon, but until we get there let’s fight relentlessly. In the following links you will see all information that you need to participate in this meditation. Please take a closer look and join our brothers and sisters in unified effort to end the war on this planet that has been destroying billions of lives for centuries. We will meditate together and we will perform physical action together. Thank you for your time and patience. Let’s make 2020 a year that shall never be forgotten.
At the three links below, you can read more about the meditation:
If you click here, you will see the exact time of the meditation for your location.
Here you can see the promotional video that is translated into about 25 world languages, which shows the importance of this meditation:
Here you can see an MP3 Guided Version in many different languages:
Here is a message for the Age of Aquarius (also translated into many languages):
Here is a joint Cobra/Fulford interview regarding the meditation:

January 11, 2020
Letter about vaccination injuries
Dear Ben,
Last three years, I have been your follower via some other websites. (Unfortunately for some reasons, I have not been able to become a paid subscriber.) I appreciate the work you have been doing for humanity.
I have some questions for you.
Even my country, Finland—as my opinion, based on our family’s personal experience—seems to be a well-corrupted country, at least when it comes to politics, real news, the judicial system, natural health, and medical information. Is there going to be a some kind of purge/cleanup in all EU countries? In Finland too, and in all these areas? Any idea when?
Does WDS have something to say about the fact that the medical industry, organizations like CDC, FDA, and WHO, who say vaccinate everybody, and Bill Gates and lawmakers around the world are pushing their dirty and illness-bringing vaccines to all the people, especially to kids? Does WDS have any plans for that? I attached a file as a good example of how dirty vaccines really are.
And what do you think about this FDA action? As far as I know, homeopathy has helped many people around the world.
Yours sincerely,
—KL, mother of a vaccine-injured child
The dark side of the medical industry will definitely face long-awaited justice when this is all over. This battle we face is like fighting an octopus. You can wrestle with one arm, like the “pharmacidical” industry, or you can target the head, which is the owners of the private central banks. We are targeting the head so that all the arms can be stopped at once.
I am sorry to hear about the damage to your child. The family of senior members of the current U.S. government has been affected by vaccines and I understand that action is being taken.

January 7, 2020
It’s been a while since I’ve responded to one of your posts. Before I dig into the latest update, let me preface this with the fact I know you report on things as you hear them, not as they are or we wish they are in real life.
Soleimani was a butcher. He is responsible for the deaths of THOUSANDs of people and hundreds of U.S. soldiers. Unlike you, I have seen the attacks the guy has planned on U.S. service members and the raw intel from his activities throughout the Middle East. I also know his death is a severe blow to the regime. I’m not sure who on the Pentagon side is feeding you information, but I can tell you as a matter of fact that we should have taken this guy out in 2009 when we had solid intel where he was in Iraq. We would have saved the world a number of innocent deaths.
As far as China is concerned, they have meddled in almost every aspect of American culture, politics, and even entertainment. To say they have aims of turning the U.S. into a communist country is legitimate and focused. I don’t buy the narrative they are “here to help.” Google’s aid to China with technology is nothing short of treason, and all the execs at Alphabet should be tried and shot for their activities in China.
You never reference the “Tech Bro’s” and their continued efforts to censor and subjugate the American people via the technology and financial mechanisms, even though they have used the same tactics on you with regard to payments. I would think that topic would be first and foremost in figuring out what and who is pulling the strings.
Finally, I don’t see the world trying to “save” the United States, given the fact most of the world is corrupt to the core. Even Europe is corrupt to the core. The only way to truly liberate humanity is to burn down the entire system and put people in charge that understand and practice selfless service. I would imagine that the list of non-corruptible people on this planet is extremely small. Certainly none of them work for the United Nations, as it is the most morally and physically bankrupt organization on the planet, rife with corruption and power-drunk woke-tards.
What I see is a concerted effort by the Elite across the planet to divide the world into factions and continue more of the same—debt, slavery, pain, and suffering.
Thanks for that information, S. Many sources did tell me Soleimani was a Zionist agent playing his part to try to start their planned war between Christianity and Islam. The important thing is to not let them fool us into killing each other so that we become weak enough for final enslavement by the Zionists.
As far as the tech companies go, I do see them as a problem, since they have been censoring me from Day One. My view is that the tech companies should be either nationalized or regulated like public utilities.
The other thing I want to make perfectly clear is that I do not support a Chinese takeover of the United States. My view is that the other Anglo-Saxon democracies—Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand—are in the best position to help restore true Democracy to the United States.
Anyway, we must keep fighting until humanity is liberated from these gangsters.


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