Joe Martino.

Posted November 24, 2019

Mars has long been a planet that humanity has questioned.
Evidence from a new study suggests that not only did Mars have a major shift in the atmosphere that was provoked by intelligent intervention, but it also supported a civilization...
Turning what was once an 'Earth-like' atmosphere into what it is today:
Completely inhabitable.
The question remains...
Why do the government and mainstream media keep this information hidden from humanity?
What caused this massive climate shift on Mars?
What are the true implications of this discovery?
In this CETV Exclusive, we dive deep into this new study and tie together all other supporting evidence that suggests Mars did in fact once support some form of life...
You can watch the Full 25-minute Episode here:
This free screening is only video 1 of a 4-part video series exclusively on CETV called:
'Extra-Terrestrial Secrets of Our Solar System'.
The government and mainstream media have been covering up and suppressing information related to our solar system and ET's for many, many years...
The reason is:
It would shift our world-view so drastically...
That it would threaten the existence of the systems and structures that control and limit humanity's potential...
... to create a thriving, harmonious, and peaceful planet.
And that's the last thing they want, unfortunately.
The powers that be want to continue deceiving and taking advantage of humanity and planet Earth to continue the illusion of control that they operate under.
If you want to learn more about what has been covered up, but has recently come to the surface for humanity to explore...
Here is a breakdown of the FULL video series exclusively on CETV:
Video 1: Study Proves Ancient Mars Likely Supported Life
Video 2: Russian Space Probe Captures Image of UFO then Disappears
Video 3: WikiLeaks Document Reveals Secret Base on the Moon
Video 4: The US Tried To Detonate a Nuke on The Moon
Start your free trial to access the FULL video series:
Peace & Keep Exploring,

Joe Martino 


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