March Equinox Meditation is TONIGHT!   

MARCH 19th.

6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST    MARCH 20th - 1:00 AM GMT / 2:00 AM Paris / 12:00 PM Sydney / 2:00 PM Auckland.

Click Here to join the March Equinox Meditation!.

Timezones, Links & Protection Protocol for the March 19/20 144k Equinox Mass Meditation are at the bottom of this brief / Update.

" ... According to the Light Forces, we see here the retreat of the Cabal into prepared underground facilities, where they want to hold out [survive] the Event, COVID-19 is only a pretext "


" ... War for liberation of this planet is reaching its climax...
I can confirm that the Positive Military has the plan to carry out mass arrests as has been released by Drake Bailey "


First of all, there is no reason to panic about COVID-19, not more than about a conventional flu. The virus was successfully contained by the Light Forces weeks ago. What we are seeing here is probably the largest orchestrated global media (fear) campaign the Cabal has ever conducted.

The only problem is this fear, which is pumped into the minds of the people and especially into the Ley Lines of planet Earth. Therefore, the highest doctrine at present is: do not panic, stay calm!


But we can do more than that!

We can join our consciousnesses collectively
in a unified MASS MEDITATION: shift all that FEAR into collective JOY!

Join the 144K Mass Meditation at the March Equinox:

9:00 PM EDT on March 19th

1:00 GMT on March 20th


Thursday night/Friday morning

6:00 PM California

9:00 AM New York

1:00 AM London

2:00 AM Berlin

12:00 PM Sydney, Australia

2:00 PM Auckland, NZ

Background on the 144K March Equinox Meditation: Radio Show

Let's Manifest a Peaceful Event:



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Advanced meditations to secure the optimum positive timelines for this planet!

More about the March Equinox Meditation

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