Making Room, for More Light.

Jill Renee Feeler.

January 27, 2019. 




Hello there!

Did you feel a shift this week?

We (all of us) have made more room for light. Light is made available within our own energy fields. Light transmits from the inside, to the out.  Light is what we Are.

Light is what we Are.

We Are Light.

Our souls are fully ascended. Our Light cannot be and need not be fully understood, on the mental plane, from within our humanity. Our Light Is. Whether we understand it or not.

We cannot earn our light. It is based on our eternal identity, as Source Creator God. The One.

Our Light is claimed. Not even through fancy ceremony, elaborate programs or via a master/teacher. Our Light is Ours. From Birth, pre-birth, death, post-death. Eternal-ly.  Period. If it is not claimed, then it is often not used, not lived, not loved, not enjoyed, not experienced. And even then the Eternal Self is still light. The Eternal Self understands that humanity, particularly in an age like this, is confusing and the Light of Self may not be claimed, lived. Thank goodness, our Eternal identity as Light, is not dependent on what we are or aren't here, yes?

Relief. To Be, our One.

In this week's message, I expect you will find further relief, inspiration, encouragement and wisdom. All for being our Light here.

For those newer to my work, you may be surprised or even shocked at the boldness with which this message was shared.

I was quite surprised at what level of specificity we went to.

I am concerned on some level about upsetting fellow teachers, teachings within the space of well-meaning consciousness. However, we don't see the value in holding back on critical insights, necessary for being our authentic, eternal light. Being polite, quiet, "respectful", positive, if it is asking us to hold back on the truth of matter is a concession we are not willing to make. Our (all of ours) light is too precious. Always. You and everyOne should have much more straightforward, unimpeded access to the eternal light that you are. And so, we speak.

I cannot overlook the unique position that I am in. I have other, wonderful, choices for a career based on my degrees and professional experience. I also am not reliant on my income to support myself. I am free to speak truths, even the unpopular ones. All for Light. Here.

I love how this message came through and I am tremendously grateful for Cari Murphy being there within it, which feels so special. As you listen to it, it may be fun to know that Cari and I don't plan our conversations. We go with the flow. And what was uncovered, feels so radically freeing.

Thank you to all of you as well, for being a part of this.

I'm so honored to be alongside you here, being our Light.

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If you feel led, thank you so much for sharing this message with others. I truly wish everyOne knew the Eternal Light that they are; not through deeds, works or bloodlines, rather by an inherent birthright, of all life.

Thank you!

With love, gratitude and blessings,

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