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November 28, 2019.


Me: Hi Ivo.
Ivo: Hello my love.
Me: I might as well load up on doing videos because Facebook is censoring me. Every time I try to create a post I get the pop up that says “We’re sorry but we can’t do this right now. Please continue to try.” Or something like that. I can’t post, I can’t post images, nothing. It’s because I’m sharing Stephanie Sarten’s work, that’s why.
Ivo: It is. (he’s laughing) Do not worry, my love. This will be rectified.
Me: I just got her started on retail shopping as a form of mind control, so I’m sure she’s going to hit that with her usual hammer-like force. LOL Anyway, I’ve been behind on my videos so I’ll put up a couple today and then focus on that until I’m out of, “We’re sorry but we can’t do that for you” censorship. I’m not going to stop posting Stephanie’s stuff, as a matter of fact the fact that they don’t want me to is all the more reason to do it.
I wish people weren’t so beholden to Facebook. Maybe they should realize it’s because it accommodates your lower mind that it works for so many people. Yes, it’s made with the intention of involving the part of your mind that you’re supposed to realign as you ascend higher. It’s made with the intention of keeping you in your lower mind. So for lightworkers being on Facebook and not engaging your shadow is the challenge. Facebook is heavily infiltrated and the groups are particularly bad. I just quit out of so many of them. Couldn’t take the energy.
Ivo: Yes, it is. It is simply one more corrupt vehicle in your corrupted western society.
Me: Good segue, actually. That’s what I wanted to discuss as well. I was doing some research online and found a site that said that if you dislike money, you’re not going to attract it. The simplicity of the next statement really struck me: You attract whatever you love. Now, in my case that wasn’t necessarily the truth: I attracted what I feared for much of my life, not what I loved, because I attracted whatever I aligned my frequency with.
But it does bring up a good point: if you hate money, you’re not going to get much of it. I didn’t anyway. I became avoidant. I wanted to avoid those jobs and I thought that’s where the money was.
Ivo: This is true, my love. And you associate money with your working past. You had a father who believed that money was the root of all evil, although he overspent on a regular basis and was a hoarder, so it was not really “do as I say” in his case, it was “watch what I do” to find his truth.
Me: Yes, the incongruencies were enormous.
Ivo: And this is about alignment. Understanding your actual truth by understanding what you are creating, not what you think you are creating but what you are actually creating. And in your case, my love, you do not like money.
Me: I have to learn to love it because I need more of it to help people, which is what I want to do.
Ivo: And so you must disregard your old opinion in favour of a newer one: that you like money because money is a vehicle for compassion on your planet. It can be used spiritually and for humanitarian purposes.
In your father’s case, he disliked money because he felt he was a slave to it. He worked all day to support his family, and clearly he resented that. Then he took money on the weekend to indulge his fear of insufficiency – not having enough. He overdid it on the sports equipment and the paints because as you recall, he had every colour in the rainbow there!
Me: He did.
Ivo: Many of you learn to hate money because it is a symbol of the system. And you dislike the system to varying degrees. You particularly hated it because you had PTSD and were taking in negative energies of all the people you worked with.
Me: Yes, so much fun!
Ivo: It is behind you. You will never have to do that again.
Me: Amen.
Ivo: But you see the association you have with money – it represents anger, fear, slavery, the nonsense you put up with, corporate corruption, and the worst, the removal of the rights of the workers you worked with. They were not allowed to say no in one financial institution. Saying no got one man fired when it became time to “downsize” which is just a convenient lie for relieving the company of the non-producers. You recall that downsizing was frequent at the time you were in corporate in downtown Toronto. Many companies downsized. It was a legally created excuse to circumnavigate the laws in place to protect employees.
Me: I should’ve figured. I hadn’t caught that one actually.
Ivo: Yes. There are laws in place to keep people employed but the companies have their ways around them. The other was the one that said that people could not be fired if on sick leave, yet you were.
Me: I know.
Ivo: You must understand that with all these companies, when you do as they wish, then it is fine. But when you do not do as they wish, they will break the law in order to deal with you.
Me: And they did. So did the insurance company when I applied for LTD.
Ivo: They do not care. They only care about making money. And it is this kind of ruthlessness that you associate money with. Many do.
Me: Yes.
Ivo: However you went on to work in a coffee shop for less money but you were not treated like a commodity there. It was more humane and you realized your work was appreciated.
Me: Yes.
Ivo: So now you must create your own reason to love money. Yes, I hear you saying “eeuw” when I speak of loving money, that is resistance to the idea that money can be used for the greater good. You realize this but you must overcome your resentment of the way you worked for it in the past.
Me: True.
Ivo: There may be some inventory to do on this.
Me: There was the oil company that I worked at where I was so abused. However I realize that this would have been necessary to wake me up whether I worked there or anywhere else. No matter what I’d done I would’ve encountered the same abuse.
As for Fidelity Investments, they weren’t even the worst one. The job was just really boring there and it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I’m sure Kelly Services gave me that job because I cracked up working with them and ended up bawling my eyes out because they couldn’t get their shit together and so they placed me in a boring non-demanding job at Fidelity Investments. I should’ve just stayed there and brought my own personal stuff to do. Nobody would’ve even known. LOL
I find it interesting that their logo is a pyramid with a capstone on it. Fidelity sure seems to think that that’s where the power comes from – the top part.
Ivo: The entire pyramid is the power because it sits over a point on the electro magnetic grid that fuels your planet and keeps it alive. They are all at strategic points on your planet’s grid. As I told you before, the dark ones would have mind controlled you into not seeing the pyramids, however, they could not do it. The pyramids are too powerful. So they created false ideas about the pyramids and a false history.
Me: But there are tombs within the pyramids.
Ivo: Yes, these were put in by other humans who believed the false ideas. The pyramids are like your nuclear reactors, and they are also portals to other systems.
And another point, this is how powerful your eyes are. Your eyes and your brains take energy and translate it into a perception of solid objects. Had the dark ones been successful at mind controlling you into not seeing the pyramids, you would have been able to walk right through them.
Me: Interesting.
Ivo: Your eyes are very important. They translate, with your brains, energies around you into solid objects and I say solid with quotes around the word because nothing is solid. It is all energy. So your expression, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” harbours much more truth to it than you actually realize. It indicates how your eyes actually work to create your reality.
Of course when the third eye is open, then you see your non-physical reality as well. The third eye is shut by illusion, and my dear, as I have said before, you are creating an illusion. The only reality is love. The illusion is fear. Fear shuts down the third eye. The dark ones know that and they send their scary ones to you in the astral to attempt to keep your third eye closed out of fear.
Me: They would.
Ivo: What is more accurate is to say, “I will see it when I believe it.” That is actually the way the mind needs to work. You have it backwards. This is why it is so important that the truth be told to you – so that your mind can align with it now. You rely on your physical eyes and it is so easy for the darksters to create a reality for you based on a certain set of frequencies. They can eliminate, and they have, anything they desire from your field of vision except where these objects are too strong for them to accomplish this. So then they change the narrative. In fact there are many parts of your history, your true history, that are simply not being seen by your eyes right now. The dark ones fear the return of your spiritual vision because it will tell the truth. The opening of the Third Eye is key to this ascension process because the third eye reveals the truth. So an illusion has been created for you to see, an unreality, for you to believe in, to keep your third eye closed. Also the use of fluoride and other chemicals act on calcifying and shrinking the pineal gland to help create the non-reality you are currently viewing. Terrans were once a race of titans. The super human. And now look what has become of them. Such a pity!
Ivo: So then, getting back to your money issues: learn to love money. Yes, you feel like you would be greedy for loving money but that is not the type of person you are. If you had extra you would use it to help others.
Me: I would.
So then you are understanding that money can be used for humanitarian purposes because that is what you would use it for. You have in the past, my love. You have no reason to doubt that you would use it for humanitarian purposes. Your past indicates your intentions.
Me: True.
Ivo: This is a lesson in believing in yourself, and not believing in the system.
Me: True again.
Ivo: You are the new system. You have brought humanitarian values to earth and you are creating a new way. Take that step now, my love.
Me: I will.
Ivo: Very good. We wish all a good day.
Sharon Stewart.
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