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on November 22nd, 2019

day 148.

Old patterning, programming and karma is what blocks our growth, development and evolution. The incoming energies are disrupting and destabilising us in or to heal and release our old patterning, programming and karma. With this release and healing higher frequencies of energy are able to penetrate our energetic system and activate profound transformation and growth. With this growth we are able to expand our perspective to include a deeper, more conscious awareness of our soul purpose at this time.

This is a breakthrough or a breakdown moment. You choose. Life is getting very real as the incoming energies are activating your energy structure and igniting every aspect of your soul. All your karma, unresolved pain, the deep soul wounds you have carried for eons, all that you have denied and suppressed is being exposed. You can no longer ignore nor deny what changes you are required to make. Now is the time to make a firm decision to release the past, to change your patterning and programming and thus find a way to stop reacting to life in the same old ways. Only when you free your soul from the past can you truly begin to fulfil your destiny.

Mutch Love

Kate Spreckley




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