Love is contagious as an energy. Imagine a planet where the most contagious energy is love... 

By Lee Harris

May 9, 2019

Photo by Tanya Mallot
That’s right people - it does! (Which also means you should rest and recover when you need to...never forget that bit!)

I was recently part of the Energy Medicine Summit, and many of you took part and commented how useful you found the interview. I am so grateful to Dondi Dahlin and the Energy Medicine Summit for allowing me to freely share the whole video interview with you below. It’s all about HOW TO FIND YOUR POWER AS A SENSITIVE, which we all know is a journey, so I share this in the hope you will find something useful or helpful in it today. Plus, Dondi is a lovely soul and interviewer (and daughter of Donna Eden who is a true pioneer in the Energy Healing world).

Thanks too for all you who posted feedback on ‘Your Self-Love Toolkit’. I’m so happy to see it is helping you! I realized this year that I wanted to create more user friendly MP3 energy guides and teachings, each divided into bite sized chunks, so they are easy to use and apply. ‘How to Channel and Why’ was the first, and this newest release centers on Self-Love and how to apply and practice it on a daily basis. It is too often mystified or seen as elusive and in my experience, it’s a very practical and repetitive habit for each of us to develop. For me, repetition has been the breakthrough in so many areas of Self-Love - as to create a new pattern in our life, we have to practice a new pattern. All Portal Members received it as part of their membership this month (so check the members area if you are part of our Portal Family) or you can listen to some audio samples over at

Big love everyone and thank you for being here!

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