Lightworkers are here with God.

Archangel Michael

Via Sharon Stewart

March 2nd, 2020



I posted: Lightworkers are here as representatives from the galaxy, not victims of earth’s ignorance.

This is Archangel Michael with a message for the lightworkers, those of you who have descended to earth in this now are the Bearers of Truth, not victims of your circumstances.
Soul connection is required for you to switch over to this new enlightened way of being. Without soul connection you remain what you have learned, a role or roles you are playing. Authenticity is what you seek in yourself – your own truth, your own inner Light.
This is a journey of courage. The courage to change everything you have learned, everything you thought you knew, everything you believed you were, to stand on new ground, the new ground of truth, the new reality that is coming to your planet now.
We stand behind you as you take steps to change. Change is difficult for those who have been indoctrinated into lies but they are nonetheless important. The energies of renewal support your journey, pushing you on while your soul pulls you towards them. You are the leaders of humanity now, not your presidents, not your social figures – it is you that hold this responsibility to your people – it is you that have chosen to do this so long ago.
You have studied, you have prepared and you have incarnated on earth during other lifetimes in order to help to change the course of humanity during those eras. You got a feel for how lower dimensional bodies and minds think and feel, you got practise at feeling the lower energies and acclimating to them. Then you left. You went back to the higher realms, other worlds and other dimensions, where you worked and studied more to prepare for your ultimate challenge – life on earth at a time of near death of a species.
Yes, your people are demoted to double stranded DNA beings. This is near death for a human as the human body can enact 12 strands of DNA with no difficulty, in fact, blissful joy. You prepared to come here, you prepared to understand what you were to fight, you prepared to be here at this crucial time in the history of the galaxy.
You came to be truth holders. You came to fight the dark. You are powerful beings, moreso than you ever would understand coming from your low frequency perspective, but you are. You are the darlings of the universe right now as you have taken on the fight that so few wanted to. You knew it was important for this planet and for all of humanity – because we are all One. Humans are one family, one body in a larger body called God. When part of the body is destroyed, then the rest suffers.
It is decreed that you rise from the slumber that others live under. It is decreed.
Change your minds. Question everything you encounter and ask, “Is this loving?” You’ve been given the wrong impression of what love is by your fearful minds, but love is pure, love is forgiving, love does not attack, love is happiness and acceptance of all.
Your minds have been dominated by evil for so long you don’t remember love. So you don’t remember yourselves. These next few years will be a huge awakening for all of you as you soldier forth into the Light. It is coming. The epiphany is coming. The cleansing of all to a more pure form. When you all remember yourselves again.
We support you in your work to remember yourselves and to change your minds to higher Light. We are all One. We work together as a strong unit against evil, against the dark.
You are our leaders. We sent earth our best.
I remain,
Archangel Michael of the highest Light

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.


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