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daily inspiration 13 may 2019.


With the rise of a new Earth reality a new awareness is awakening realigning humanity with the universal principles and values that take into consideration the Earth and all of nature. The incoming flow of cosmic energy is moving very quickly enabling us to transform and shift the negative, destructive or limiting parts of ourselves and our lives. The old patriarchal and matriarchal systems are falling away which is enabling a new perspective to emerge. A perspective that embraces the divine elements need to secure our future upon this planet.
As this week unfolds any remaining blockages that impact connection with your soul will begin to unravel. Attachments and distractions, which have seduced you away from your soul purpose are now being exposed. Work with what arises without the need to control and manipulate. There is no benefit found in hanging onto the old. It is time to honour what has been so that you can move forward unhindered by your past.
Much love 


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