The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

October 29th, 2019







Take some time today and think back on all the labels you have been given over the course of your Earth plane existence.  

Some were self-created but, most were given to you by others.  You may have even embraced them to ‘fit in’ even if they were not positive.  

Now it is time to choose what you would like to keep and release the rest. (Smiling) 

You are setting out on a new path, dearest one, become who you choose to be.


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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 
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