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daily inspiration 20 june 2019.

We are moving through a profound evolutionary event which is clearing away the blockages and barriers to expanded states of consciousness. Everything is being heightened - emotions, feelings, experiences, challenges and thoughts. Your true essence is emerging and you will it easier to be more open, honest and vulnerable. As a result you may find that you can no longer live life as you once did.

As you become more and more aware of the current shift you may begin to experience some unusual reactions. The energies are expanding your consciousness which can create physical sensations, pain and discomfort as well as emotional ups and downs. It can be challenging to integrate and balance the energies without becoming overwhelmed. A simple technique is to bring your awareness to your breath. To allow yourself to breath fully and to exhale fully. Expanding and contracting your abdomen as you breath. Relax into it, don’t force it. This exercise will stabilise and centre your consciousness, your awareness and your energy.
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