The Angels 

Through Ann Albers. 

 January 11th, 2020

My dear friends, we love you so very much,
Take a breath and luxuriate in the sensation of the abundant air entering your lungs. Relax and release it. Take another breath, and as you do so, feel the fullness and richness of the oxygen mixing and mingling with your body. Sense the joy of the body as it takes in the air and begins to share this nourishment throughout your bloodstream, delivering the oxygen to fuel every precious cell. Relax. Release. Allow all that does not serve to simply flow away from you.
In every breath, dear ones, you take in the richness, the abundance, the energy, and the fuel, from the universe!Breathe again. Feel this wealth of air and energy filling your body. Imagine it being taken in, distributed through thousands of miles of blood vessels and capillaries. Imagine your cells gratefully receiving it. Imagine it stoking the flames of each cell in much the same way that air fans the flames of a fire. Feel the gratitude of each cell!
The only thing you did was breathe, but in that very breath, you drew the force and wealth of life into trillions of tiny beings within you!Can you imagine? This is your health! This is your wealth! This is your connection with the abundance of any and all frequencies in the entire known and unknown cosmos. Breathe….
Dear ones, you are never separate from that which you seek. You never have to seek to begin with. You breathe in the frequencies you want to see manifest in your life. You allow them to mingle with the physical oxygen and to be vibrationally delivered unto each cell,charging up each tiny vortex of spinning energy that makes up what looks like a body! In truth you are patterns of light and energy – vibrant beings pulsating in rhythm with the cosmos!
Breathe… you are spinning the vortices you call the particles which make up what you call your cells!Release! You are cleansing old frequencies from the vortices which you call the particles which make up what you call your cells!
Can you imagine? You are flesh and blood but beyond that illusion, you are energy and in the breath you take in the rich, abundant, wealth of God’s goodness and grace!Breathe… Relax… You are in a state of grace now, a state of flow.
Dear ones, it is truly that simple. Decide what you want to experience. Imagine it. Breathe it in.Breathe in the frequencies of health. Breathe in the frequencies of love. Using your simple intent, breathe in the frequencies of unconditional love, well-being, joy, grace, ease. Feel it. Remember it. Connect often to what you seek to experience through simple intention and breath.
If you did nothing else to change your life, the very act of breathing consciously and with intention would begin to gently, powerfully, and kindly change your life.
God Bless You! We love you so very much.
The Angels.
Ann Albers.

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