What are your holidays like?

Overwhelming? Busy? Uninspired?  

Shanta Gabriel.

November 29th, 2019


Our Holiday Anusthan is the antidote! 
An Anusthan (a-noos-than) is what my Guru called the ancient group spiritual practice we used in the ashram that were dedicated for a sacred purpose for a set number of days. The efficacy of group spiritual practices to create a blessed field of Divinity have been well studied and documented in the eastern traditions for centuries. 
 We now create a sacred time together for the holidays, sharing our hopeful vision for a world of Peace and Good Will within all beings and dedicating our group spiritual practice to that purpose.
Our Holiday Anusthan is designed to transform your perceptions about this holiday season. Each day you will receive an empowering message from the Archangels to lift your spirits and inspire you. 
And better yet! As part of our dedicated group, you will be empowering the world with more Joy, Peace and Wellbeing.

We'll begin our Anusthan on December 7 for a dedicated period through December 13. Every day for seven days, we each sit in our own sacred space and raise our frequencies in a simple practice dedicated to Peace on Earth and Good Will within all beings for the holidays. You only need spend about 10-20 minutes a day for 7 days, at your own timing. And yet the results are transformational!
Because you will be joining an international group of heart-centered beings in a powerful spiritual practice, your holidays will become more Holy with a greater sense of meaning and purpose, and your heart will feel inspired and uplifted.
Everyone has their own history when it comes to the holidays. But most important is the intention for Peace, Joy and Good Will within all beings. This expansive intention has powerful frequencies! Holding these attitudes raises the vibration of the collective energetic field, which creates harmony and true connection in our interactions.


Join our 7-day Anusthan to Inspire

Peace on Earth & Good Will Within All Beings!

As we know, the upcoming holiday period brings with it a certain amount of mass-conscious anxiety. We all need to be centered, strengthened and empowered to be ready to stay in our hearts as much as we can. We become the true blessings that we are to ourselves, our families, and the world. 
As each of us allow our bodies to be flooded by the Light of Peace and Love during our Anusthan (read more about this dedicated practice from ancient India), we empower these qualities to be anchored on the Earth. We literally embody the divine qualities the world needs most. We can then radiate empowered frequencies from our spiritual practice out into the world, like beacon lights set onto a mountaintop.
Anusthan guidelines

We'll begin our Anusthan on December 7 and completes December 13. Every day for seven days, you will sit in your own sacred space at your own time preference. Because of the power of our group intention, we will be anchoring Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings for the holidays.
When you register, you'll receive a beautiful and empowering 26-page guide (PDF). offering suggestions for your spiritual practice. 
The power of group prayer has been demonstrated and proven in many studies, and has been practiced in the Eastern traditions for centuries. You will be amazed!
Join us!

"I have been doing the Anusthan since the 1st day - very wonderful after a fabulous & exhausting family Thanksgiving! Thank you Dear One for all you do to help us be Lights in the world."
"Loving this time/very holy."

"I wanted to share with you the profound nature that I am experiencing during the first 3 days of the Anusthan... I don't have words at times to describe other than utter bliss, joy and such deep love that I feel my heart will burst at the beauty of this life...I can't even begin to express my deep gratitude to you and all that are involved in this Anusthan..I feel truly blessed to be a part of this beautiful process."
About Shanta
Shanta Gabriel is an author, teacher and healer,whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth. She began her studies with an Indian Shaktipat master of the ancient Science of Sound in 1977. It is the inspired ancient practices she received at the ashram and has used in 40 years of training, that she offers to others in her programs.
Her work with the Archangels began in 1988. She shares this work through alignment, immersion, and transmissions from the Archangels through her classes, membership groups and private sessions. Her mission is to facilitate and invite people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love.
For more information about her classes as well as private sessions and products, visit ShantaGabriel.com.


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