It’s a Grand Old Show.

Secondary Midwayer:

Thuroc the Entertainer.

Is The Teacher

Through George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, 

February 4, 2020.

Posted March 5, 2020

Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians


Thuroc: “It is I, Thuroc. Greetings all.”

George: “We were hoping you would come. Welcome to our Evolving Souls Community party. We are especially pleased to receive a contributor from far-away. Welcome.”

Thuroc: “It’s a big, big world to you, a hop, skip and jump for me. In this greatly Melchizedek-organized era, most of us Secondary Midwayers have stations — group homes you may call them — and mine is in North America. However, my friends, I travel to where I am needed to uplift the minds, mores and moods of my brothers and sisters. Incidentally, you and all other volunteers have the love and greetings from Secondary Midwayer Chief Brusque and his entire … well, platoon. And for you to go easy on tsunamis as they have enough mischief to deal with in Europe right now. A very much similar greeting reaches you now from China.

“This Evolving Souls Community is something new in my area, so let us see what we can do for them. I hear from my friend Bzutu that this segment has much to do with information, freedom and what is needed to attain it and retain it. Well, you know the saying that one cannot be a little bit pregnant. Yes. You also cannot fight a little bit of a war, or get a little bit involved in politics. Sanctions are war, not merely bullying, financial war is war, cyberwar is war as you have recently discovered with one of your websites being ravaged. However, your trying to produce better criticism than others’ criticism has you involved in politics. Like pregnancy, you cannot be a little bit into politics, although soon you may actually need to be.

“When will nations learn? During my life so far I have witnessed the rise and fall of many nations. When the larger proportion of the population made something, mined something, grew something or sold something their lives were good. When they went to war a few gained, but most lost, because their failing belligerent governments, unsuited to their real tasks as they were, knew quite how to steal from the common people. It’s such a grand old show, again and again. I guess a time will come, you’ll see, when as a population you will finally find those who will serve you well.

“It is hoped that you are now so advanced that you will leave the pitchforks in your barns and the guillotines in your museums. It is always profitable to remember that the greediest of bankers are meant to, just like you, travel that rock-strewn path to eternal life, that the most heartless of politicians may well have a caring touch for his or her offspring and may still manage to slip into the Mansonia 101 lecture theater. Likewise, your bought reporters may redeem themselves and we all are bound to one day read of beauty and goodness, but truth first and foremost.

“Meanwhile, my dear friend, and this is personal, as long as you are still licking your plate you must forego complaining about the food. This is Thuroc returning to regular boardings, leaving you all his love.”

George: “Thank you brother. Always good for a laugh. Have a safe trip home."
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