Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message,


on November 28th, 2019

Dear Ones,
You likely feel you are right about certain issues – and others are wrong. You have decided such because you believe others are mean, lack integrity or your cause is more worthy. All of which make you feel righteous, but not necessarily light and airy.
Deciding you are right and others are wrong is a heavy burden to carry.
You probably believe others could be good people if only they would function as do you. But expressing such verbally or within yourself merely pulls you into the fray.
This week’s message is perhaps difficult for many to accept, much less understand. For how is it possible that the Universes (or your society’s 3D parental God) would allow inhumanity or the destruction of the earth to continue day after day? You believe that if those people creating that pain and chaos would go away or slink into a corner, all would be well in your world.
What you do not yet understand is that ‘those’ people are exposing the underbelly of niceness, of all that has been hidden on the earth for eons. For if those people went away, another and another and another would stand up to rally the troops of those who elected to show discrimination and fear to those who do not wish to know about it.
Is it not true, that even though you have noted for eons the inequity of social groups and the neglect of your home, the earth, you have opted not to rally against social mores?
You are finally contemplating doing so because the disharmony is so obviously displayed – and it makes you uncomfortable. But your techniques for redirecting society’s inequities are of 3D instead of actions that change your new earth.
Continuing your anger, distrust, and verbal hatred will not change anything other than creating a more distinct separation than was true in the past.
The new way to shift society is with love instead of fear.
As William Shakespeare so aptly wrote: “Thou doth protest too much.” So it is you are filled with rage at those highlighting issues of your 3D society. The same issues that have been part of your society, with some shifts in discomfort levels, throughout the 3D eons. So why do you now believe you can dramatically shift society with the same rallying cries that were previously unsuccessful?
As a society, you are trying to make the unpleasant news go away using anger, punishment, banishment, and death. Only to have the same issues return lifetime after lifetime – and now – moment after moment.
There is a reason for your discomfort, your fears. It is not to rally for a day of anger, but instead to find new solutions to very old inequities. Even so, many of you continue your anger only to discover that you have more to be angry about daily.
You are being pushed into a corner of fear and rage, so you either create new results or allow those who will. This social chaos is not to replay the same song of, “Oh, how terrible.” but instead to realize 3D methods no longer apply.
So what does that mean for you?
Quite frankly, if your only conclusion is anger and fear, please drop out of the 5D solution equation. But if you have a loving solution, act on that idea. The old 3D ways are no more, including that which merely puts a band-aid on issues. This is a time of total destruction of any and all things 3D – including social fear and anger.
Some of you are gasping, thinking we are telling you to drop out, to be quiet, to be in love, when all you feel is rage. Instead, we are informing you that if you look within your heart, your pain and fear will ease.  And by doing so, you will also intuitively know if you have something to contribute to the solution or if you have other issues to address.
If you cannot find anything constructive within, it is highly unlikely that you are part of the fear solution. But know within every fiber of your being, that others are. And that your role is to create something new instead of addressing that which is no longer part of your new world.
If you dislike a group or a person, that is your starting point. For you will most certainly not create resolutions for your fears if you cannot address or shift your dislike of an individual or group.
Of course, you respond that without that person or group, your life would be pleasant. And it might be. But what about the issues that person or group is highlighting? Will those inequities continue without their spotlight? Or do you have a solution?
If you do not have a solution, such is not your role or direction. For continuing on that road of fear or anger, merely escalates an issue.
So it is once again we urge you to look within to find your light, the light the earth now needs desperately. Not because you do not feel the pain or anger of the total chaos that is now earth, but because doing what you have done for eons will not change anything other than delaying your love and joy. 
So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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