It is Becoming Abundantly Clear.

Magisterial Son, Monjoronson

Is The Teacher


Message received by Vicki Vanderheyden. 

Mattawan, Michigan, USA, April 16, 2020

Posted 2020/04/28

 Akashic Construct - 11:11 Spirit Guardians

This morning I woke up hearing in my mind, an old familiar tune from the Broadway hit, Carousel called “On a Clear Day”. These are the lyrics I heard:

“On a clear day, rise and look around you
And you’ll see who you are.
On a clear day, how it will astound you
That the joy of your being outshines every star.
You’ll feel part of, every mountain, sea and shore.
You can hear from far and near a world you’ve never heard before
And on a clear day, On that clear day
You can see forever and ever more…”

It didn’t take long for Monjoronson to reveal himself and explain the relevance of these words.

Monjoronson: “Good morning! We have often shared with you that what significantly affects your material world, affects ours in the spirit world as well. So, I share with you this morning, what is becoming abundantly clear to us in hopes that it too is becoming abundantly clear to you.

“At the onset of this crisis, it appeared as if your lives had been disrupted. Routines were replaced with new realities. Thousands were buzzing about in states of confusion, not quite sure of where things were headed and nervously reacting without clear direction. And as this new reality settled in, we, both below and above, began to respond in kind.

“Emergency measures went into place and questions were asked that produced more defined directions. And though we watched you march forward without the security of past experience and well-developed answers, teams began to form, support began to emerge for those in need and life began to change. It was at this point that we noticed an awareness within you, a realization that with effort and determination, you could climb that mountain that before had appeared unsurmountable.

“And now as we continue to watch you mobilize, we are again reminded of the resiliency of life that has emerged during some of the most horrific events in your history, a resilience that is shared both above and below.

“As the skies clear around you, your view becomes more focused on what is truly most important and who in your world is most effective in providing the leadership and support that is needed to navigate these times.

“May we add that your response to our calling and our response to yours has been resounding as well. It has been heard! We find ourselves stretched as you are to meet the ever increasing demands and yet we hope you feel as we do a weight that is slowly being lifted… a lightness, a brightness, a cleansing, a clarity that reveals to us all that within this continuing struggle, even in the presence of grief, sorrow, and worry, we are all growing toward a brighter and more enlightened future.

“It is at times like these that we realize it is He, our creator, who fills us with such light. And so, with humility and gratitude, I ask that you pray with me that this clarity and this light follow us below and above, not just during our times of crisis but forever and ever more.”



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