The Arcturians,

Through Suzanne Lie.

Posted November 24th, 2019.

Dear Arcturians,
Do you have a message for me and my readers today? 
Yes, we always have a message for anyone who wishes to communicate with their own Higher Expressions of SELF. Yes, you ALL have higher expressions of your third dimensional self because you are all Multidimensional/Inter-dimensional Beings. 
Yes, you are our dear volunteers to take leave of your true, fifth dimensional and beyond  SELF in order to wear a third dimensional earth vessel. We say “earth vessel” because you are NOW wearing the vessel that allows you to take an incarnation on Gaia’s planet, which is usually known as Earth. 
However, you made this decision while you were wearing a fifth dimensional and beyond vessel. Therefore, you dear warriors for the Light, you made the great sacrifice of lowering your innate fifth dimensional and beyond resonance of your Light-body SELF into your third/fourth dimensional physical self. 
Why did you make such a sacrifice?
You made this personal sacrifice in order to assist the Planetary Being Gaia, or Earth, because your Galactic SELF knew what a loving, beautiful, and very old planet called Earth, was in grave danger. This danger was coming, not from other planets, but from the human inhabitants of Gaia’s Earth.
Fortunately, many Galactic Beings who have evolved to resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond, have taken a third dimensional, human form to better assist dear Gaia.  Gaia is usually known as Earth to the humans, but known as Gaia by Her Galactic Family. 
The reason why these Galactics made the huge sacrifice of wearing a third dimensional human form was because too many, if not most of the “human beings” on Earth, were unaware that the planet Earth on which they live is a Living Being.
Hence, because many of the humans who are living on Gaia’s Earth during this NOW are not aware that they are actually living on an ALIVE Planetary Being. 
Therefore they feel free to:     
  1. leave trash on the street, or the yard… 
  2. to pollute the air with the many cars that they drive… 
  3. to throw trash into the water ways…
  4. and not notice that they are responsible for the bad air, polluted water 
“What is happening on Earth?,” we ask from our fifth dimensional perspective.
“It must be time to ask our Galactic Volunteers to to take an earth vessel and become  humans on Earth. 
However, none of our Galactic Volunteers could imagine how much damage the humans were actually creating. Also, many of the rulers of Earth, such as the Presidents and other leaders, are more concerned about their own life, and do not seem to care about their planet. 
The base of this behavior is that too many people get too addicted to what “money” can buy them, as well as how much power their “money” can give them.
We Galactics had no idea what this substance called “money” was.  Therefore, some of us, in fact, now more and more of us, have decided to take an earth vessel in hopes of educating the humans who seem to care more about money and power over others then they care about dear planet Gaia on which they live. 
Fortunately, there are some humans, most of them of Galactic Heritage, who usually do remember, or can, at least remember that the planet on which they live is becoming more and more damaged each day. 
In fact, some of the highest leaders of Earth, have chosen to forget the promise that they made before they took this earth vessel. These “frightened leaders,” as we call them, are so involved in the “power over people” and “power over the very planet on which they live,” that they have totally forgotten the “Birth Contract” that they made before they took this incarnation. 
In the Galactic NOW in which they made this promise, they were wearing a higher dimensional, usually higher fourth or fifth dimensional, Galactic Vessel.  None of these brave Galactics could even imagine how “lost in personal selfishness” many of them would become.
We Arcturians and Pleiadians remember the shock of first taking a third dimensional human form. We had never experienced fear in the manner that the Earth Humans do, and we had not had any wars for many, many millennia. 
Males and Females were not separated from each other, and there was NO hierarchy as to one gender being “better” than another gender. In fact, there are many fifth dimensionals (as we call them) who have chosen to take on a form which has no gender. 
In our fifth dimensional reality, “reincarnation,” which humans call “birth,” is quite different than on a physical planet such as Gaia. In our fifth dimensional/inter-dimensional expression of SELF, we all resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond.
In fact, we Galactics live within a higher dimensional/multi-dimensional reality which we have chosen in order to experience within the NOW of the ONE in which there was a “Unconditional Knowing” of our “Multidimensional Being.”
Therefore, we Galactics do not experience “time” and “space” in the same manner as the beings on Earth. We say “beings” rather than “humans” as many of us have chosen to take on incarnations in which our form could not be named via your human knowing, and/or, we may not have any form at all. 
Yes, we feel your confusion about this statement. All of you who are known as third dimensional “humans,” are also “Higher Dimensional Beings.” Some Higher Dimensional Beings have chosen to take on a form, and some of the Higher Dimensional Beings have chosen to be formless.
The formless ones are sometimes experienced by humans as “an inner voice,” or as “a very special feeling that is filled with happiness and a sense of “deep knowing.” The formless ones can take on a form, and occasionally, very occasionally, they reveal their “form” to humans who are on the cusp of resonating to their own fifth dimensional expression of SELF.
This resonance of one’s Fifth Dimensional SELF can only be experienced when that human, or Galactic, has filled it’s being with Unconditional Love and Inter-dimensional Knowing. 
The power of Unconditional Love assists that Being to “Love ALL Life,” and also gives them the ability to experience the many differing manners in which they can experience, know, and share that which they have experienced.
It is vital that when one receives these gifts of Interdimensional Knowing and Unconditional Love, that they pass it on into the heart of the reality which they are experiencing.
Inter-dimensional Knowing, is the ability to “know, understand, look for, receive and accept” information that they “somehow” understand is coming to them from a higher frequency of reality. 
How do they know that? The answer to that question would likely be expressed in different ways via different people. However, the “feel” of Inter-dimensional Knowing surrounds the heart and mind to leave a strong feeling of “deep inner knowing.” This deep knowing will best be understood if the receiver of that gift allows the “knowing” to be free—that is without a cost or need to pay for it in some manner.
This Inner Knowing often feels like a memory of something that you always knew, but for some reason forgot. Likely this “forgetting” was a symptom of remembering. Yes, we know that statement is confusing to third dimensional thinking. However, remember we are taking about “Inter-dimensional knowing,” which is quite unique to one’s third dimensional brain.
This is were the Unconditional Love comes in. In fact, the first Unconditional Love that comes in is Unconditional Love for  your own SELF. Yes, we mean your “Higher SELF,” but we also mean your “physical self.”  
Your physical self holds the great honor and responsibility of “grounding the Unconditional Love into your physical form and into all that you perceive around them. With the Unconditional Love grounded, your Inter-dimensional Knowing activated, one can more easily slip into a physical form.  
Yes, humans often believe that only their brain “thinks,” but as you remember your own Multidimensional Body, you realize that the “fuel” for your Multidimensional Body is the Unconditional Love that your “essence” remembers to give to your inner, higher, and Multidimensional SELF .
 Yes, it is true that most humans do NOT know that they have a “Multidimensional SELF hiding within their physical body.” In fact, many times humans get so involved with their search for Unconditional Knowing that they forget that the body is what grounds their Multidimensional SELF and Unconditional Knowing into the being of Gaia’s planet.
In fact, too many humans do not think about their “knowing,” as they are too busy searching for the “being” that they wish to experience. However, there is no separation between the Unconditional Knowing that listens to and integrates the messages from one’s own  Multidimensional Being.
“How can one person do all that?” we hear you ask. Did you forget about your Unconditional Knowing that can answer all your questions if you allow your SELF to acknowledge, experience, and attend to your own Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF is not limited to just one frequency of reality at a time.
In fact, your Multidimensional SELF, as well as your Unconditional KNOWING, are NOT bound by third dimensional rules, or even fourth dimensional day dream. Unconditional Knowing is actually the core of your ability to recognize that you are NOT limited to the third dimensional form that you are wearing on Gaia’s surface.
We say “Gaia’s surface,” because the Core of Gaia is the entry way to an entirely different expression of Gaia. Just as your human inner being is often something that you do not share with others, Gaia’s planetary inner being (Her planetary core) is quite different from Her Planetary Surface, and seldom shared with third dimensional human. 
Yes, we ask you to look into your own “unconditional knowing,” that allows you to remember what you did not know – until, somehow, you remembered it. In fact, if you consciously ask your Multidimensional Self to remind you of all that you KNOW within your Multidimensional Being, you just may find that you Unconditionally Love your SELF. 
Is there a better gift than your remembering your own Multidimensional Being who gave you the Unconditional Knowing of “How to LOVE your own Personal and Planetary SELF!” 
Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.
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