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The force that makes all of creation possible is present when we bring into form our inspired vision. We are all channels for the energy of creation but it is only when we are connected to this source, the Earth and our own hearts that we are able to bring this energy into form. Correctly applying this force is key to effectively manifesting a new reality.
At this time a deeper understanding of your path and purpose is emerging inspiring you to fully embody your soul and ground its cosmic energy into the Earth. As you do so an alchemical process occurs enabling you to retrieve the wisdom, truth and revelations necessary for the building of a new Earth reality. Remember that it it in nature where you can fully attune with the energy of your soul and find the inspiration necessary to co-create a new and balanced life. When you spend time in nature you feel no separation and you are able to see the Earth as the sacred and magnificent realm of creation that it is. Consciously connecting with the elements of creation you are able to connect with your emotions (the water), your physical body (the earth), your mind (the air), and your spirit (the sun). Igniting these elements within you opens the door to the treasures of your soul and awakens you to higher levels of consciousness.

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