Innate Curiosity.

Teacher: Thought Adjuster

Message received by Oscar. 

Alabama, US of A, March 21, 2013.

Posted 2019/02/08

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings were created with the purpose of their starting a long journey to reach perfection. This is the reason why all of you possess in variying degrees an innate curiosity and longing for adventure and for the chance to explore the unknown. Many times the difficult experiences of life make some people go against their nature and deny their impulses to explore, trying to keep themselves within the comfort zone they have built for themselves. However, the soul is saddened and withers in the face of forced monotony. 

“The true joy of living can be found in this life when the individual learns to see every new day with hope and as a new opportunity to achieve greater spiritual progress and move a step closer to the eternal goal. All energy emanates from the Creator Father and will unavoidably return to the Father. If a mortal manages to become part of that universal flow he or she will eventualy and surely reach the Father and experience the highest satisfaction of the personality. 

“The safety line you can hold onto that flows in the current of the river of divine will is your Thought Adjuster. This presence of God in man constantly reveals to each soul and human mind the most high and beautiful realities. When a mortal becomes more sensitive and spiritually aware she will start to experience the deep satisfaction of coming increasingly closer to the Father and having a better understanding of His will. 

“This is how those who search for the Father with curiosity and with the desire to know more about Him become increasingly more like Him. Their souls are filled with love and they spontaneously start to develop a keen interest in their peers, because they begin to realize that all are involved in the same adventure of self-discovery and advancement. With time, a creature illuminated by this unconditional love starts to see the Father within each of her peers, and for these fortunate ones humanity becomes the best resource for establishing the divine will. For those who are motivated by the love of the Father, human beings are the most valuable thing that can be found during their careers on the material worlds. 

“A soul enlightened by truth, beauty and goodness is capable of noticing these attributes in her brothers and sisters in this world. The love of the Father cannot remain locked or limited in a single personality. Once it has been experienced, the desire to share this love arises naturally. This way, the enlightement of one becomes the motivation and the guide for the rest. The best thing you can do to change this world is to change yourself and strive to reach perfection. Let your light shine with increasing intensity so that your ability to illuminate the path for your peers will be greater.”


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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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