In the Right Measure.

Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.

Received by George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, December 20, 2018.

Posted January 23, 2019.


The Damascus Scribe: “This is something that you need to understand; your world is at a turning point. And the Midwayers are engaged in a most important task. They are the ones that can see quite clearly that your world is in a difficult state but that because of their physicality there is only ‘so much’ they can do about it. You need to be prepared and you need to pray for a better world, then the Prophet Ezekiel indicated with his rather wild movements and impatient ways. Even at this point in time it is not clear whether the things you were shown will come about as planned by evil minds, or whether they are going to be averted through prayer and trust. 

“Those of us (celestials) who know precisely what the future will bring are not allowed to say and those who are allowed to say simply don’t know. That is one of the universal rules and enigmas you will come up against each and every time and it is also one of the reasons why the visions and some of the predictions are not always accurate . . . timewise, if at all. Live with it, put up with it and consider yourself fortunate to not know it all. 

“You cannot and must not know it all. Your tenure on this earth is such that you need your time to practice and become an embryonic spiritual being. It is your most important task for you to fully comprehend that you are a flesh and blood son of the Father-Creator on Paradise, that you are part of His plan to populate His many universes and — only if the time avails you — that you may know what all lies hidden under the Antarctic ice-pack. 

“You cannot and must not do it all. Your ‘contract of residence on this earth’ is such that you need your time to heal the people of their ills so they are healthy and so they can be contributors to doing good. However, you and all those who read this are advised to frequently take the time to commune with God and — only should you have time to spare — will you be able to truly and heartily investigate who or what once lived on your planet and whom your elders don’t mention. 

“You cannot and must not feel it all. There is so much happening on your world and so much of it is sad, wrong and deplorable; so much of it tears at your heart. And I know that so many of you are far from your home, from your roots and learning new ways and — should you find a stolen moment in time — find out who in those long-ago millennia upon millennia hewed and shaped then moved and placed those megaliths precisely where they should come to rest to become part of the near-overwhelming enigmas of your world. 

“Remember, you have a main task and many small tasks to perform by arrangement with your God. Do them all in the right measure, as must you all. 

“This is the Damascus Scribe. It is good to be with you in this format. Have a great new day.”


George Barnard.

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