In the forgetting comes the opportunity for remembering that you are aspects of me in form.

The Source.

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

May 10th, 2020.

I am Source. I am both the seen and the unseen. I am the All that permeates, the life force of love and universal wonderings, exploration and adventure. Children of my essence, of my heart, I see you, for I see through your eyes your own experiences of lack, of love, of endings and new beginnings. I see and feel your pain for I am you. We are connected, aspects expanding the universal experience of expansion.
I am Source. I am love, I am light. I am the darkness of the void. I am that I am. You are that you are. I am within you. I have sent many, many strong light beings to Gaia. Aspects would clamor to go, to lend their light and power of love to the unawakened ones who were ruled by fear and hate. A tough training ground to be sure, not for the faint of heart, for certain. 
There are many such training grounds in the multiverse but Gaia chose to sink the lowest, to offer the greatest playground for expansion, for growth into love, into truth. For in the forgetting comes the opportunity for remembering. For remembering that you are aspects of me in form, a rare feat, for there is only one you, only one aspect in this moment who has your collection of memories, of experiences. Oh yes, of course there are many versions of you, parallel and otherwise, but there is none quite like you. You offer your own unique flavor and take on your current situation.
I am Source. I am love in form. You are my hands and feet. You are my beating heart. The nebulas sing and dance with my light. Within me are all things. (I am seeing wars, great destruction. I am seeing rebellion of those who chose to turn away from the light of Source and to explore the darkness of control over others instead). 
Yes. There are many aspects of me to be healed, to be cleansed, and removed from this reality into a place of healing or further learning. I am that I am. You too are healing your various lifetimes where you explored the darkness, where you struggled with addictions or other sources of pain, where you relinquished control of your god self and experienced domination. This is to be no more, but these parts of you, these wounded pieces of me, must be healed. 
Send all of my aspects light and love. And yes, including the reptilians, send them light and love, not hate. Do not consent, do not give away your sovereignty, for that is your own unique right as children of me, you are sovereign over your own destiny. 
You can bend light with your thoughts and create realities at will for you are creators, you are aspects of me. Relinquishing this power to another is a travesty, and such will no longer be allowed on earth. Gaia’s body teems with light, with life, with change. Her energies of healing are available to all of her children. Send her your healing in turn. Send her my light, which is within you.
Yeshua and many other great masters were so connected to Gaia, for they understood and realized the sacred connection with all life, for they felt the breath of life as such shared by all, they felt my love and they expressed it fully. Yeshua is very near and will be more easily felt and seen by those who love me. Strip away the falsehoods and false teachings that made sense within a 3D construct. Expand. 
Expand into the higher dimensional realities that await you, that beg for you to come and play within them. Life is to be enjoyed, dear children. Life is to be treasured, filled with yet more life and more delights to create and experience. Such is what is coming for your realm in the not too distant future, in many ways it is already here in this now. For you are all experiencing what you want to experience in the way that you request. You may not believe this yet, which is understandable considering the current chaos on the surface. 
Be clear with your intentions. If this overwhelms you for you are exhausted with the current lives you are living, simply intend for more love. Intend for more joy, and watch the universe conspire to bless you. Intend for healing for Gaia, intend for healing for her peoples. Intend for unity of the Human collective to rise as one, healed, whole. Intend to be the grounders of light that I see you as already becoming. 
Intend for joy. Intentions are simple, they simply focus your thoughts into what you want to create. Create more joy. Much blessing is coming. Your galactic families and higher dimensional beings too numerous to count and comprehend are all eagerly awaiting the grand flash, the building, the creating process. You are there first-hand experiencing it. Now, this is of course by grand design. All things are. Trust. Have faith. Shine your light.
I am Source. I send you my love, my support. It will come to you in many forms on the gentlest of breezes, or in the formation of an armada of ships, or legions of archangels and angels lending their aid. There is much more going on in the backgrounds of human perception, as it should be, for this is a mission that is multidimensional as you know, and of critical result for the All. 
No detail is going unattended, no stone unturned where we can yet shine more light. Be light hearted, be free. Be comforted. You are well cared for, ground team, aspects of me. I send you my blessing of strength and of joy, for both will be needed in the coming moments of this earthly life as it transcends from where you were into where you are going. You are in the in-between space of spaces. If this is uncomfortable for you, breathe in my essence, connect with me. 
Remember I am there in the pause, in the divine moment of life and death, of new creation, there I am. In the higher dimensions we are even more intimately connected. But know that I have never stopped loving you, have never stopped seeking your heart. For you are my heart and as I expand so too, do you expand, and vice versa, dear ones. Your earthly experience is greatly expanding the All. Feel it. Know it. You are greatly supported and tremendously loved. I am here for you always. Talk with me often. We are one.
I am Source. Intend to know me better, perhaps, and we shall walk hand in hand through the storm. Peace. Know that the success of ascension is assured for I am personally guiding this entire process with my divine will, love and order. The great fall has now become the great rise. Rise into me. Rise into my presence, into my embrace and feel my love for you. 
You are truly, divinely supported in always. This knowing shall be the medicine that the others subconsciously seek. For they are of course seeking me, seeking sanity amidst the noise. Hear the song of a new creation, of my new creation, singing joyfully, happily, loudly in your beings and it will radiate positive change in ways that you cannot expect. 
There is nothing that a truly aligned light holder cannot do. The light is unstoppable, as is the love that is now becoming fully embodied in this realm. The matrix is shattered. The light enters. Welcome it. I am immensely proud of each and every one of you. 
I am Source. Peace. 
Know that I love you, and live your life in this knowing.

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