In Charge of the Answer.

By Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia.

April 24, 2019. 




I’m now in charge of the answer: generate love and bliss myself, using the breath.
Do it over and over and over again until it becomes second nature – a new behavior paradigm based on a universal principle.
Love is the answer to all life’s miseries, the love brought up from our very own hearts and breathed outwards to everyone, without exception, which we get to feel as it passes through us.
When it blossoms – that is, when the heart aperture or hridayam opens – it answers all our needs, banishes all our concerns, quiets the mind, and brings with it a feeling of total satisfaction.
Not much more to say. More a question of practice.


I’m actually in bliss as we speak. Maybe I should say a word about it and what is assisting me to experience it.
I’m listening to music – Ennio Marricone’s Theme from the Mission – and wanted to report (1) how much easier it is to soar into bliss by listening to music than otherwise and (2) how much easier it is to feel bliss these days than, say, a year earlier.
Bliss really is the great Comforter.
It has no quality. It couldn’t be said to have texture, form, flavor, scent, feel, or anything else sensible.
It’s the way I feel in its presence – uplifted, released, triumphant – that I can describe. Like a silent, invisible lover, it wafts us aloft and there we stay … for a while. And then we’re back on Earth again, until the condition becomes permanent with Ascension (Sahaja Samadhi).
But another breath, especially with inspiring music, causes it to rise up again and away we go.
Years ago now, I first noticed the usefulness of the breath in accessing love and later bliss. It’s the one spiritual practice that has remained with me throughout all this. I may as well surrender to the fact that it IS my practice.
And over the years, after my 2015 heart opening, I also noticed that one could surf a wisp of love or bliss back to its origin/destination.  Surfing a wisp worked to have me reconnect with a much stronger flow of love.
Now’s the time to recover that connection. I may look funny. It may seem like an abrupt change but I have to get over worrying about how I look. Feeling love and bliss is more important than looking like a jerk.

I’m an open pipeline of the Mother’s inner tsunami of love, her spiritual currency. Let it flow as it wishes.


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