If you're having a hard time... Read this!

By Melanie Beckler.

May 9, 2019. 



Are you struggling now? You're not alone…
The past couple of days I've gotten more emails, facebook messages, and comments from people who are struggling, feeling unwell or hurting... 
People who are close to giving up faith, or way past that point already.
And I just want to share with you that…
You're going to be okay... 
Yes, life is hard!
Pain is a part of being alive, and really, it's something that can only be experienced by the living.
Right now, the expansive energies of May are stirring stuff up... Bringing up pain, fear, and challenging emotions for so many.
But you know what?
These things are coming up for release! 
And it's going to be okay…
In this moment right now, I'm inviting you to take a step back.
To shift out of “being in it”, and to step back into “observing it”…
Because what if the pain showing up in your life is actually a sign that deep healing is occurring?
What if the struggle you're feeling is exactly what is needed for your healing and spiritual growth to unfold?
What if what you're perceiving as a struggle, is actually the biggest opportunity you've ever been given?
To release the past and let more light into your life.
It's not easy…
Life isn't easy, and these times of accelerated change, raise the stakes.
But it's not meant to be easy.
And it's okay if you feel lost, scared, and overwhelmed now.
Let it be okay that you don't know exactly where you are going.
What if instead of a bad thing you shifted your perspective to see the blessing in the present?
Just a little, tiny glimpse of a silver lining.
Where you can shift your perspective to feel and experience a sensation of freedom.
To look at this moment of being suspended in air…
Having no clue where to go, just that you can't go back to where you've been…
What if you saw this, not as being lost, but as being free.
You're not alone. This is exactly where we are collectively now…
In the place between what has been and what is possible.
And it feels scary.
It's confusing.
It's downright painful and challenging for some as old memories, beliefs, past experiences, and present challenges energetically cling to you…
Like a heavy ball and chain dangling from your feet and threatening to pull you down out of the sky.
But you know what?
These are the exact energies, and circumstances where you can learn to fly.
Where your wings are forced to open…
Where your brilliant inner light in the midst of the darkness around is finally revealed.
And it's okay that there's no clear destination in sight.
It's okay that you can't see where this all leads…
It's okay that you want to feel good, joyful, and in love…
But you don't.
That's not what is important now.
The winds of change are carrying you forward.
And if you feel like you're drowning in strong emotions, distress, and chaos…
This is healing in action.
And it's okay!
You're okay.
And you're going to be okay.
You'll get through this.
As my grandmother always used to say: “This too shall pass”.
And you'll come out on the other side stronger, brighter, and clearer.
So for right now…
Step back and observe, and know that you are loved.
And know... That exactly who and where you are now. 
You are enough... 
My heart goes out to you.
Prayers, and love, and angels are all around.
Check out my new Morning Prayer here... 
Or for some additional things to try, click here!
You're okay.
I love you.

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