I guard this time-space quadrant with my light...

Message from Alcyone, the Central Sun.

Channeled by Galaxygirl.

May 29th, 2019.



Hello friends of the light, of the way. I am your central sun Alcyone. I guard this time-space quadrant with my light, radiating, warming, cleansing, blasting away the dark. I am surrounded by the darkness of space and yet it makes my light seem brighter to those witnessing its brilliance. So too, Source fractal, human embodied, so too are you shining up your own space quadrant with your tremendous love and light. It brings me great joy for in the times of old it was foreseen that this would be a most epic journey for those humans lucky enough – and brave enough – to be an embodied soul in this most auspicious now of planetary enlightenment. Do you feel the rush and tingle of excitement shoot down your spine, causing your arm hairs to raise up? Yes friend, I am speaking about you.
I am Alcyone, your great central sun. I see much. I am ancient, I am wise. I am loving, most loving. I am the embodiment of peace and yet sometimes to keep the peace there must be a ferocity, a firmness. The great solar flash is a firmness, a firm stand against all that is not light, and setting all else a-right. A rebalancing must come to this sector. Gently and lovingly the Pleiadian teams (and many others) have been redirecting the Gamma rays from my body so that your bodies can handle them with the grace and ease of masters, as your bodies morph and spin into yet more light. But the great solar flash is imminent friends, and it brings me great joy and sadness to say so. For there are many who are not ready, but that is their choice. And there are many who are ready, and that too is their prerogative, their own sacred path. For to embrace my light, to embrace the second coming of the inner christ, is a great mystery, one that will never be fully understood with the mind, for it must be fully embraced in great joy by the heart. Tears. I see tears on many of your faces as you read and type these words. For so many of you knew Yeshi in his day – a great master of the light, of the Christed flame that now burns so brightly over all of Gaia’s lands and waters, and deep within her core as well. The Christed flame is burning brightly over the hearts of humankind, causing a deep inner metamorphosis from 3d into 5d and above, blasting away the matrix, and that which no longer serves.
I Alcyone invite you to sit awhile with these intense, glowing energies. For they are little embers that you can tuck into your aura and your energy signature as one who as seen the Central sun and not been burned, but instead internally ignited with the flame of the inner peace, of the inner Christ child that blooms and blossoms from deep within the sacred heart space of the once-locked-away secret garden of the human soul. Be unlocked. Be free. Burst forth. Shine your light.
I am Alcyone. I shine my light with vim and vigor, with great joy, for that is my projection, my own aspect of Source. You, ground team on Gaia, precious Gaia, you are to be Source’s hands and feet, Source’s expression of eternal love and service towards the others of you who are embodied. Source serving, discovering itself, lending a hand, healing the wounded hearts with yet more of the healing balm of the Christed rays. Many of you are healers, massive planetary healers, all. You all have your own unique talents, passions, irritations, quirks. You are all unique rainbow fractals of the Christed flame, eternally diversifying, massively beautiful in its cohesive light.
I am Alcyone. I see you, human-Source-fractal, with the tender eyes of an ancient grandparent. We have been through many shared experiences for in fact we are one, we are aspects of each other, of Source. My energy permeates all things and so I have been watching, silently holding the light for you, for Gaia, for many others. I am an advanced planetary being / sphere of the Christed flame. It is my tremendous honor to hold the light for the others, as it is for you. As you have been quietly serving over the eons in silence, so too have I. We are kindred spirits, you and I. Bring in this aspect of Source into you and further ignite your Christed flame.
I am Alcyone. I love you. Do not fear me. Embrace me and embrace these deep, innermost changes within you as you morph and change into the emerging Christed human of the new divine template. Arise ignited, on fire with love, with the Christed light. Arise, serve, live, laugh, love, lead. It is your time. I pass the baton of the light holder to you, friends. It is the time of Gaia’s rebirth, of golden cities of light nestled around the forested peaks of Gaia’s surface, healing the others. It is time for the deserts to be changed into the once lush rainforests they were intended to be. It is time for the creatures of the earth to feel safe and live in oneness.
I am Alcyone. It is time for this space quadrant time war, of old rendings and past pain to be healed. I am Alcyone. I heal with my Christed flame. You too human friend heal with your Christed light. Together we will heal Gaia. We will share our light. Feel my orgasmic embrace and feel your heart rise up, pounding, bursting with hope, joy, love and promise. You are the way makers. You are the Source hands and feet in expression. Just as you were once barefoot or wearing sandaled feet in the ancient places, the temples, the tombs, the healing places, the circled rocks, the secret fairy coves, so be now with your modern feet. You have trod many places. You have been many things. And now it is time for you to be the silent leader of love, for some of financial distribution of abundance, for all the leaders of love, of sharing, of the divine being who you already are, for you are love. You are light. You are Source. Feel this download and be Christed. Be complete. Welcome the Source light into every one of your now spinning, morphing cells that are excited, ignited and very much alive, spinning away the dross into yet more light. The tachyons are back. The new forms of light are here. The angels are near. It is a glorious time.
I am Alcyone. Talk with me as you would to your beloved ancient grandfather. For this is my current aspect. Can you feel me near you? Release the pain of the past. Forgive the grandfathers of your past, for there has been much family pain and much karma to clear. The wounded masculine has been very wounded. It is time to heal both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Let healing be your intention in all of your interactions. Healing and love. This is my intention as my light flame increases daily over your surface waters and lands, over the hearts of humankind that morph into the divine crystalline human template. There is much excitement friends. I am Alcyone. Peace.

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