Humans are being calibrated to the next inter-dimensional codex of light

Ascended Dragon Collective and White Winged Collective of Nine.

Through Galaxygirl.

April 6, 2020.


We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
We are surrounding your world with our dragon fire of the Christed flame. In this tumultuous time of change a rebirthing is occurring. Allow the fire of change to burn away all that no longer serves you. See this incubation period as a time of tremendous opportunity. We are joined with the White Winged Collective of Nine.
Yes friends, we are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We wish to encourage you as you dive deeply into the inner recesses of forgotten painful memories, as the inner ego is being swept clean. There is a deep cleansing on a soul level of the human collective in this most pregnant now as Gaia is rebirthing. 
Humans are being calibrated to the next inter-dimensional codex of light, of healing, of previously forgotten elevated frequencies that are going to bring you much joy as a result. We see, and we feel, much joy in your future on this current projected most probable timeline outcome and we see tremendous healing. 
You are now sitting with the wound, you are cleansing it. This is why it hurts. You will see many more wounds that the collective has withheld deep within the inner recesses of the ego mind. This will be painful to witness. But only then will the healing be true and complete. 
The bandage must be removed for the light to enter the wound. No more covering of the wounds will be allowed. (I am feeling this is another reason why we are in quarantine to allow a space for the healing, of deep inner work).
We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. 
We wish to bestow peace in this time of tumultuous change. We see we have used this word several times as have the dragons. It is a fitting word. But now that as the white waters rage and churn and froth, the river bottom is calm. The rocks do not move. 
The light of the Nova Gaia matrix is more fully anchored moment by moment. Like the rocks in the riverbed bottom that are immobile and firm, so is this grid of the higher light encodements immobile and firm, pulsing with light, sending this energy of golden light even to the white waters above. As they rage, they are soothed by this energy. 
We are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We see the light workers as many stones in a riverbed floor. Immobile, firm. Ground this light of the higher dimensional codex that will be a blessing to the All. We allow the dragons to speak now.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
There are many winged creatures and beings in the higher dimensional lights. It is our pleasure and honor to serve side by side with our friends who have another perspective. Perspective. Humans, you are regaining yours. You are beginning to see the truth with new perspective. Your lying sources of supposed truth are being switched out for the light. Be aware of hidden meanings and messages. Be open to new truths sprouting up. Be bold. Stretch your wings and fly in these moments of this new now!
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective joining with the White Winged Collective of Nine. 
We surround your planet with light and fire of the higher realms. Join us. Add your light and lend your fire. Feel the power of being united with the One and allow us to serve in this moment. This one is asking for a meditation for heart opening for the human collective. 
This is an appropriate request. We see this as an imminent need. The heart is a channel in itself, a portal to the higher heart where communication with the One is best heard, felt, achieved. It is where your inner joy resides. (I am seeing chains around a heart). 
Human, your hearts have been in chains for too long. We surround you, human light worker collective for this heart opening. We breathe on you now with our higher dimensional fire and light. 
State “I welcome these higher dimensional energies to further my own heart opening and the heart opening of the human collective of which I am currently a part. As a representative of my star nations I decree this is so, and so it shall be, and so it is. I allow, I welcome with deep joy and tremendous purpose, further heart expansion.”
"I am feeling I am surrounded by mighty wings of light and of dragon energy, forming a shell around me, like an egg. I am feeling light and heat and fire. I am crying. It feels wonderful." 
“I welcome this heart expansion to further multiply for my highest soul’s purpose so that I am fully aligned with my highest path and heart’s joy. I claim my healing and my reunion with Source . I am that I am. So be it.” 
Lightworkers, extend your hands towards Gaia’s heart and send this healing energy into her crystalline matrix, further supporting and building, creating, solidifying the New Earth template of the Golden Rose Galaxy, of which you are a part.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective and we are the White Winged Collective of Nine. You will feel different in the coming days. For more crystalline activity has been activated within you and your heart spaces are fuller, wider, deeper. Your portal channel access to Source has been solidified. 
Be bold. Be in joy. Be at peace. Be healed. Rest in this space for as long as desired. Know that it is always available for you. For you are able to access past moments in time. Simply call these energies of this now to your future now and bathe in this light of space of healing and reunion with Source, with yourself and be whole again.
You are loved beyond measure. Human, welcome home. Dear ones be at peace. We are with you always.




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