Are you ready?

by Brenda Hoffman.

Channelled Message.


June 28th, 2019

Dear Ones,

Many of you remain concerned that humanity is in a downward spiral. That destruction, as happened in Atlantis, is happening again.

The opposite is true.

Perhaps it would help you better understand if you could observe from afar, as we of the Universes do, for you are too close to the pattern of the earth’s new tapestry to see the images.

Many of you proclaim that such is merely another carrot encouraging you to continue this seemingly never-ending journey of self-discovery. For your dreams remain in the nebulous state of someday maybe, instead of appearing, as we predicted, easily and effortlessly. Such effortless creation is yet to come.

You are in a rest state, adapting to the energies of the past few weeks and preparing for the upcoming energies that will be more dramatic than most.

For you have transitioned beyond merely adapting energies to creating your new being.

Those following you will use the upcoming energies, as you once did, to create their new beings, to initiate the self-love process you are now deeply enmeshed within. For even though you might be concerned about your need to rest for the next energy burst, you are doing so without fearing you did something wrong or that you will never transition.

Without pinpointing the exact date, you are now likely relaxing into your new being – not by shouting and screaming in joy, but instead, by exploring the need to ignore shoulds and have tos. Which probably does not seem like a huge step, but is one of the largest leaps you have completed to date.

Your first transition efforts were to clear those pieces that held you in 3D despite your best efforts to move beyond 3D. Your second was to learn to love yourself. And your third is to follow your needs instead of those you once believed were more important than you.

Your next, and perhaps most dramatic stage to date, will be to incorporate your self-love into your self-contained being. Knowing without question who you are and where you wish to move next. That is the piece you are preparing for during this resting stage. For indeed, just loving yourself without acting on that knowledge is no different than many of the self-help courses you participated in when you were of 3D. No one can teach you how to be you.

Yet, that self-knowledge remains frightening for many of 5D for you want someone to tell you that you are right – ensuring that others are wrong. A stance you are quite familiar with, but which no longer enthralls you as it once did.

Your wish to be special is a 3D need. Your wish to be different is a 5D push. Yet, you continue a need to be acknowledged by others for your uniqueness. Something you learned in 3D as a pre-requisite to claiming yourself.

This next shift is exactly the opposite of that with which you are familiar, for no one will applaud your uniqueness other than you. You are now a self-contained entity who decides when and where to be. Something that appears easy, but is a task you might find as difficult as learning to love yourself. That is not to frighten you, but instead to inform you why you might require rest the next few days.

For you are about to declare yourself to any and all who attempt to place you in a special niche. You will not be nasty about your declarations, but instead, will find it difficult to understand why anyone needs to push you in any direction. You will become more independent than you have ever been while of the earth in any lifetime. At the same time, you will find it almost annoying that others want to follow you for you will not require obedience from anyone – eventually. During the initial days of this new phase, you will wonder why no one seems interested in the activities you find intriguing. But your need to slough off your “me too” actions will deepen as you delve into this next phase.

Loving yourself and acting on that self-love are two different phases. Even though those two phases are not as clearly defined as they might seem.

For initially, you will declare yourself independent and then feel uncomfortable, lonely, or even angry that you have done so. Just as was true when you took your first baby steps into self-love continuing many of your 3D shoulds even though you did not enjoy doing so.

This next phase will be as if you have closed the door on those 3D shoulds wondering why anyone questions your doing so. As if you are unknowing about your actions – not from your perspective, but from that of others. You will find most others boring, dull, or just not worth your time – even though you will be somewhat lonely doing so. A quandary you are preparing for and will overcome within a few days of declaring your self-knowingness.

Do not be frightened by your new assertions, even though you might shock those around you. You acted somewhat similarly as you moved into self-love. The difference is you will not feel guilty during this next phase. In truth, you will find it difficult to understand why your need to be you disturbs anyone. For you have or are moving beyond pleasing others to pleasing yourself no matter the 3D consequences.

You are evolving more rapidly than you now imagine creating your new you tapestry – a piece of the new Universal love tapestry. A tapestry that is growing exponentially daily as more transition to 5D and beyond.

You helped create the border of that tapestry when you initiated your transition, as is true for those now starting or in the midst of their transition. You are now preparing to fill in the tapestry images that are yours alone. So it is you must allow yourself to rest so that your new colorful images shine brightly for others to see and expand upon. So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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