How to Stay Healthy Under the Constant Stress: 

5 Basic Hints to Reduce Negativity in Your Life.

By Guest Writer Jenine Wing.

Posted 2020-03-29 by Edward Morgan.

Stress can come from many factors, and it is an inevitable part of human life. It is common for both students dealing with lots of tasks and for working people with lots of responsibilities. We all deal with stress facing news on crime and violence, personal and global matters at the same time.
However, when a person is continuously stressed it can be potentially harmful to both psychological and mental wellbeing, mostly due to hormonal changes it causes in our bodies.
Constant stress may lead to heart diseases, decreased cognitive function, reduced immune system protection, etc. It is already proved that perpetual nervous tension leads to health issues, and it is crucial to learn how to cope with it.
Everyday stress management is a skill that one can learn following simple routines. There are ways to reduce nervousness almost immediately. There are also preventive measures that prove useful in the long run.
These five tips will help you to improve your well-being and decrease the level of stress.
Immediate Measures to Relieve Stress
When a person feels overwhelmed with negative emotions, it is crucial to take some immediate measures. These are fast and effective ways to feel better and calmer at once. If you need instant relief, here’s what you can do:
Meditate. It can take about 5 minutes, and it will be enough to get some pressure off. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and focus on breathing. You can also try guided meditations on YouTube, internet tutorials, or an app like Headspace.
Take a walk. Whether it is 15 minutes or 1 hour, just changing position and walking around will clear your head.
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Take a step back. For instance, if you are dealing with stressful email or pending college assignments, consider taking time off if it is possible. You can answer the email tomorrow, in an hour, etc. If there is such an opportunity, just take your time to calm down.
Workout for 15 minutes to get an instant mood boost and clear thoughts.
Hug a friend or partner, someone who you love. It will make you feel comfortable and release endorphins.
Pet a dog, cat, or other animals living with you.
Listen to your favorite music. It is one of the most effective and scientifically-proven ways to reduce stress and anxiety.
One of the crucial factors of immediate relief is dealing with the source of nervousness. Whether it is a studying process or important work meeting, try to step back a bit.
Follow a More Healthy Lifestyle
It is one of the measures that work best in the long run. First of all, it is vital to start with reducing the consumption of products that have adverse effects on the human body, such as:
1. Caffeine;
2. Nicotine;
3. Alcohol.
The first two of them have a stimulating influence on the nervous system. It leads to an increase in the level of stress. Seeming like short-time reliefs, they actually do the opposite and have a negative effect.
Alcohol is a depressant and may cause a worsening of one’s physical state, negative thoughts, etc. When facing constant stress, it is better to avoid or at least reduce the consumption of these products. Drink more water and caffeine-free beverages.
The second part is eating healthy. Our eating habits hugely influence overall well-being. A balanced diet can help in combating stress and anxiety. Eat more fresh vegetables, fish, and sea products and consider taking vitamin supplements, if necessary.
Incorporate Physical Activity in Your Routine
Physical activity is amazingly beneficial for both mental and physical health. Staying active is a great way to remain focused and clear one’s mind. The best thing is that it doesn’t matter what kind of sport you prefer.
One can go to the gym, join a fitness or yoga class, or practice at home. Jogging and walking outside also counts as physical activity. It is effective as it helps to metabolize the stress hormones easily and cope with everything better. It also improves overall well-being, immune system, and reduces health risks.
Develop Positive Habits
Several habits can help one cope with everyday tension, namely:
Socializing. Taking time to meet with friends and beloved ones is essential. You can get emotional support and talk your worries away.
Include a relaxation time in your schedule. It can be any activity that you are genuinely enjoying, like walking, watching a movie, etc. There should be a “me time” in one’s to-do list just to relax.
Take up a creative hobby. One of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety and stress is to create something. There is no need to be professional about it; it is all about having fun. Play a musical instrument, paint a picture, make a collage, etc. Whatever feels right at the moment will do. Artistic creativity helps to release emotions and decrease tension.
Watch something funny. It can be a standup show, a favorite sitcom or a comedy movie.
Consider Opting for Professional Help
Stress can lead to anxiety and mental health issues, especially when it is constant. If you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts, it might be a good thing to ask for professional help. People are not always able to control their negative thinking patterns on their own, so a psychologist can help.
Therapy can dramatically increase the quality of one’s life. However, there are other possibilities available for anyone, like apps that help to practice mindfulness. For example, the Happify app has several courses that offer activities to reduce stress and keep yourself on the positive side.
Final Words
It is important to build up habits that will improve your mood and health. It starts with vitamins-reach diet and physical activity. It is also important to hang out with friends and have time for yourself to relax and recharge.
Devote more time to the activities that make you smile and bring enjoyment. And don’t forget to take a deep breath and step back for a moment, when overwhelmed.

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