Christ Michael/Jesus.

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Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, September 10, 2019.

Posted 2019/11/04

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Christ Michael/Jesus: “Any challenging emotional situation presents you with multiple choices. What you need to learn is to consistently take the higher emotional road, thus growing in self-mastery and self-esteem, as well as earning the respect of your peers. How else could you ever gain control over your baser propensities?
“Whenever under emotional attack, many of you get trigger happy and pepper your antagonists with a home-brewed mix of pent-up emotions, thus escalating the hostilities. They plead self-defense, feeling justified in their unloving reactions.
“‘How else can I respond?’ you may ask. You need to realize that, in such situations, you always have multiple choices: (1) to retaliate in kind; or (2) to find a better and viable alternative — which was the perspective from which I addressed My emotional challenges while living among you.
“To shift into Light and Life at the personal level, find the heart-opening that lets the light in. Expand it, rather than slamming it shut. Beware of impulsive comebacks — unless they surge from your wide-open heart. Learn to detect the emotional minefield that threatens to engulf you. Stop in your tracks to survey the lay of the land and devise a well-thought-out response strategy. Consult with your Inner Guide to be shown how to remain in alignment with Love-in-Action.
“During My earthly incarnation, I shocked many with My unusual behavior when under the sneaky attacks of dark spiritual forces — human or celestial. Never did I retaliate in kind, as by doing so I would have condoned their faulty ways. Instead, I sent them a powerful message through the element of surprise I threw into the mix by remaining anchored in love, empathy, and compassion. These tactful emotions act as potent emotional antibodies, neutralizing the lower emotions on the spot. It is how I earned My emotional black belt.”

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