How to Deal with a Psychopath with These 6 Science-Backed Strategies.

By Sherrie.

May 8th, 2019

Science says it’s incredibly difficult to cure psychopathy, but there are ways we can deal with a psychopath and keep ourselves safe.
Upon reading the scientific studies on the psychopath, I learned one important fact: most curable psychopaths are juveniles.
It seems that learning how to deal with a psychopath and even curing them lies in reconstructing the brain of the young adult. This gives them time to grow older with a better mindset and view of reality. That’s because the sad part of this illness is that it’s an engraved and permanent part of the human being.

Scientific views on dealing with a psychopath

Science has learned a great deal about psychopaths. Let’s go back to the studies a moment. There is a theory that hippocampus, a horseshoe-shaped region of the brain, may be the reason for the malfunctioning. This area is called the paralimbic system and it overlaps other areas that control functions such as decision-making, feelings, and emotions.
Considering scientists have detected these indicators of psychotic regions in 5-year-olds, it stands to reason that psychotics are born the way they are. This is why curing the condition is so complex.
Want to see what a psychopathic person looks like? Well, here are a few characteristics:
  • No guilt/no conscience
  • No empathy/no loyalty/no concern for others
  • Blame shifting
  • Cunning behavior
  • Bored and always seeking stimulation/attention
  • Need to control
  • Arrogance
  • Entitlement
  • Lies and manipulation
Robert Hare, an expert in Psychopathy, defines the psychopathic person like this,
…social predators who charm, manipulate, and ruthlessly plow their way through life…Completely lacking in conscience and feeling for others, they selfishly take what they want and do as they please, violating social norms and expectations without the slightest sense of guilt or regret.
Wow, sounds scary, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, you’ve probably read through some of these and recognized them in the people you love. This is heartbreaking. Here’s something else that’s heartbreaking:
Many psychiatrists refuse to treat psychopaths. In fact, they are, in some ways, intimidated by this mindset. With that, how can you possibly stomach being around such a person? I guess it seems impossible, right.

Well, there are a few ways we can deal with someone who might be a psychopath.

1. Some people are just bad for you

You must accept the fact that not everyone means you well. Some people do not have a conscience. If you understand how psychiatrists wouldn’t want to deal with someone diagnosed as a psychopath, then why would you?
You aren’t any greater or worse than the rest of us, and I’m sorry, you cannot save everybody. Sometimes, you just have to stay away from the ones who continually hurt you.
If, by chance, you must be around a psychopath for any given time, remember to guard your weaknessesPsychopaths are experts at discovering your weak points, and they will exploit them quickly. They will use these weaknesses to make them stronger, and they will not care about the hurt they leave behind.

2. Depend on actions to reveal the truth

When it comes to dealing with the words of the psychopath, you must match these words with their actions. Someone may say they love you, but do their actions say the same?
This can be true in many situations as well. You must watch actions and don’t put so much credibility into the words people say to you. Those can just be beautiful lies.
There are three things you can watch out for, lies, irresponsibility, and broken promisesThese are a few indicators that you are dealing with a psychopath. Now deal with it properly. Stay vigilant and stay smart.

3. The win-win situation

To deal with someone you suspect might be a psychopath, learn how to argue correctly. The FBI knows how to do this. Well, here’s a secret. When you’re arguing with a psychopath, and you should know they always win, offer a resolution that puts them in a good light.
For instance, if you don’t want to give the psychopath money, then offer to wait for a time when you can give them more money, or tell them about a gift you’ve planned for them, and the money is the only way you can purchase that gift.
While this might be a weak example, I think you get my drift. Let them think they win if they go your way, then you’ve secretly won the argument. This just helps you keep your dignity and good character.

4. Keep supportive friends and family

A psychopath is notorious at working other people against you. No matter what happens, everything is your fault, and they will make sure their friends and family know this.
So, you should make sure you have plenty of friends and family that see the things the psychopath does. This is sometimes extremely hard because while you are honest about your shortcomings, the psychopath hides his shortcomings under layers of lies and masks.
Even some of the closest people cannot see the truth of the psychopath. Again, make the closest friends you can and make sure they see the truth. If you have to, record a few times the psychopath does to you in secret. If you don’t take these measures, the psychopath will utterly destroy your reputation.

5. Remove body language

When you’re dealing with the infamous psychopath, you should remember an important fact: psychopaths read body language to gauge your feelings, weakness, and your intentions.
This is how they formulate an aggressive and domineering approach to every situation. Body language is hard to hide, but it can be done. Practice not wringing your hands when nervous, and not looking away when you’re intimidated.
Take away the body language and the psychopath loses a bit of power they depend upon to dupe you. As they realize they cannot read you, they will probably go away or at least, respect you.
But even this appearance of respect should never be trusted. Just take it at face value and walk away. This way you end any conversation with dignity.

6. Pay attention to warnings

I know it’s not right to listen to rumors about people, but my daddy always said, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” So taking information lightly is good, but please, do your research into the rumors you’re hearing.
I have actually done background checks on people that made me nervous or had bad reputations. It’s okay as long as you do not go overboard. Here’s the next step.
When you get the opportunity to meet the person you were warned about, check for any signs that match what you’ve been told.
If you see what I call, “red flags” then maybe you should get far away, especially if they are rumored to have psychopathic qualities. When it comes to psychopathic dealings, you should always be diligent.

Just be careful

So, now you know what a psychopath is and how they operate, and you know their characteristics as well. Now, keep your eyes open and be prepared to know how to deal with a psychopath if one comes your way.
If you’re already in a relationship with a psychopath or you have a psychopathic family member, then remember these tips. They just might save your sanity, your reputation, and your life as well.
I wish you well.











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