The upliftment of humanity, 

for holding the vibration of joy, peace, renewal, for cleansing all that no longer serves.

Message from Crystal Collective of Nova Gaia.

Channeled by Galaxy.

May 19th, 2019.



We are the ascended crystals of Nova Gaia. We are connecting now with our crystalline friends in your realm/reality that is quickly morphing, changing and upgrading as the Great Central Sun bakes and purifies all that is not of the light into light, so that all is light, all is the frequency of love. Ultimately this will be your reality, friends of the way, of the light, of the love, of the out-breath of the Mother of All Things.
We crystals are a unified field of consciousness. When you speak with one of us you speak with the all. This is why crystal work is so beneficial, so healing for the planet. For we are all a unified forcefield of energy, of love. We can be programmed for many purposes. Currently our purpose is for the upliftment of humanity, for holding the vibration of joy, peace, renewal, for cleansing all that no longer serves. We are massive transmuters. So do you see, ground team, how we are all interconnected? For as you morph into crystalline forms, do you see how we will become more like each other? Transmitters, receivers, transducers, love-holders of light in form. That is who we are, that is what we do. We assist our great goddess Mother Gaia in her trajectory towards the higher levels of consciousness. She is a highly, highly evolved being who betook upon herself tremendous sacrifice so that many could experience the game of separation. All was a glorious beautiful plan. The hijack is over. The dark ones are leaving. We send them our healing vibrational encodements, which are meant in love, and we lovingly ask that they depart into the light and leave this place for light only. For that is her mission, her trajectory.
The purpose of Nova Gaia is to be a respite, a healing sanctuary for all upon her, a vast joyful galactic interchange, a meeting place for many to gather data, stories, joy and to be healed, rested in the process. Nova Gaia is to be a home for many of you, our Christed ground team. We say ‘our’ for we are like you in many ways and we are old friends, for we have worked and worked alongside you in happy friendship for so many lifetimes. Why else is the engagement ring typically a crystal? To best hold love. It is the representation of the higher ways, of the higher light, transforming carbon into rainbow fractals of pure light. Diamonds, gemstones in general, are beautiful, hardy, strong. This is what you are becoming friends, quite literally. You are becoming the higher light, beautiful, strong, multi-faceted, embracing your multi-dimensional self, refracting the light into the rainbow hues of inter dimensional light and consciousness, transforming all around you into joy.
Many of you have had neck pain, body pain, for it is uncomfortable to morph, to change and this is precisely what you are doing. Work with us. Lay us on the places that you hurt and we will transmute the pain with you. Create crystal elixirs and drink our essences through the day and we will heal from within. Place us in your bathwater that we may bless you and in turn bless the water elementals with their transmutative efforts, and when the water drains into all other waters, we will have our vibratory encodements in those waters as well, healing the all from dross to light. Love. Be transmuters of love.
We are the ascended crystal collective of Nova Gaia. We are wise, we hold the keys to universal knowledge, as do you friends, as do you. For all is within us, we are all beautiful, lovely emanations of Source. Hold us close to your morphing, expanding heart spaces and be at peace, be comforted. For these are heavy times that are best experienced with lightness of heart and spirit. Allow us to lighten your load. Much is transpiring on your surface world. Remain within the middle point, the zero space of pure creative potential and create your Nova Gaia dreams, morphing them into firm reality.
We are the ascended crystal collective of Nova Gaia. Be at peace and be transformed by these encodements within these words. Continue to align and realign with the higher vibrational energies. Align with the cosmic wave. Imprint this intention with your crystals and we will assist you with this mighty endeavor with joy, ease and bliss. When you do your deep breathing, envision yourself within a crystal sphere filled with light. Breathe in the light of the 12 cosmic rays, of the crystalline sphere that surrounds, that is bursting with the Christed light-flame and breathe out the lower, watching it transmute before your eyes. All becomes light. All becomes healing frequency. Be healed, be transformed, be made new.
We are the ascended crystal collective of Nova Gaia. Be at peace and be transformed by these higher vibrational times into the sturdy multi-faceted true gem that you are. We are the ascended crystalline collective of Nova Gaia. Be at peace.


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