Further Notes to that Tipping Point Claim.

Teacher: Life Carrier, Orion.

Received by George Barnard.

Illawarra District, Australia, April 17, 2019.

Posted may 13, 2019.

Orion: “ . . . let me put it to you this way: We, all of us listening in, are well and truly ahead of you all. And that is why I want to take you up on the offer of working with you and with your friend. You see, very much in the vein of which you worked with Midwayers, Cherubim and others during all these years, ‘this friend of yours’ may have the opportunity to work with me or one of my extended family. Just as your Teacher, Samuel, collaborated with the chief of Panoptia’s Live Carriers in the re-design of fruit, so your friend can work with one of my brothers or with me. 

“Let me tell you now that you all and as a population are on the cusp of monumental changes and one of those changes, improvements, and most wonderful developments will be a work ethic that will soon as a matter of cause include a Celestial among your work teams as well as with individual workers. And, no, they won’t simply tell you what you want to know or what to do. In almost all instances you will come up with the potentials, but your ‘spirit helpers’ will be able to affirm your theories or say if you are on the right track. As you personally did on many occasions before the turn of this century, your friends and students will come to belong to one of ‘His Fabled Legions’ of operators. 

“It is well understood by both sides, my son, by both human and spirit, that you are a purely evolutionary breed and that you are responsible for your own progress, entirely, but for a scant little bit of important guidance. As well, it is clear that your spiritual deftness lingers far behind your wordly and mechanical progress. However, should your inroads into the secrets of eveyday life come to blossom extraordinairily, your spiritual outlook will hardly wilt in such circumstances. Remember this for all time; there is a limit to the degree a civilization will progress whilst this civilization’s spirituality lags behind. 

“Truly, my student, it is so that the Father wins every time. It may be sooner, it may be later, but inevitably the Father wins. And so His Fabled Legions of men, women and Celestials of diverse kinds will all win with Him. 

“I greet you for now and advise you to encourage the student to seek cooperation with us in her taking on such a challeging task.” 

George: “We thank you, Orion, and all of your friends listening in.”

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