Healing Update .

By Emmanuel Dagher

May 26, 2019


Hi my beautiful friend,
Yesterday on May 25th, 2019 so much joy, healing, and expansion occurred at our healing gathering in Ojai, California!  
Here are just some of the themes that came through: 
An important aspect of healing is allowing ourselves to experience what it feels like to be satisfied.  
To the mind (especially because of societal conditioning,) being satisfied is something it often chases, yet never allows itself to fully receive and experience. This happens for two reasons:
1. The mind is comfortable in the 'chase' and the continued reaching outside of itself for satisfaction, which actually never allows it to fully experience what it means to be satisfied here and now.  
2. The mind views satisfaction as settling. When the mind feels like it is settling, it often feels like it's missing out on something, hence making itself often self-sabotage and move itself into states of being unsettled. Since society rewards this pattern of being unsettled (work harder, try harder, do more, be more...) the mind then views being unsatisfied as something that fuels it to move more in this direction.   
Interesting isn't it? 
During our healing gathering, we honored, and sent compassion to all parts of ourselves that chose to keep 'chasing' the feeling of being satisfied, and also the parts of us that chose to resist being satisfied as a result of societal conditioning.  
We then asked the I AM Presence within each of us to show the mind how to recognize the value in being satisfied, and to embrace the most important aspect to being satisfied, which is to fully align with the present moment.  
It's only in the now (present) that one can fully experience what it means to be completely satisfied.  
However, most people have been taught to dwell on the past or worry about the future, so they don't tend to operate from the present.  
It is also only in the now that one can fully experience what it looks like, tastes like, sounds like, smells like, and feels like to actually heal.   
If you have been having some blocks when it comes to manifesting more of what you truly desire in your life, and/or healing something... one of the main reasons could be that you may not be aligning yourself with the present.  
So during our session, we asked the I Am presence of each person attending (and those with us in Spirit) to show their mind how to recognize the value in being present.  
We also showed the mind how to embrace, love and honor the parts of itself that resisted being in the present, so that space can be created for other expansive options to enter our reality.  
We taught the mind how to operate and simply 'be' in the present, so that it can actually ease any of the pressure it places on itself to keep 'searching' or 'running.'  
As the mind starts to embrace the present, it can then begin to embrace the energy of being satisfied, which ultimately allows it to be at peace where healing and miracles are abundantly available. 
During our session we also understood that healing is simply another way of saying that we are allowing ourselves to honor and feel all of our feelings. 
So many people have been taught to hide and brush their feelings aside. This often creates physical, emotional and mental imbalances that lead to dis-ease.  
By allowing ourselves to feel all of our feelings without judging them, we create a space for ultimate healing to occur in every area of our lives, because every part of our body, mind and energy is being acknowledged, heard and honored.
During our session, we moved through any of the resistance and blocks we had previously carried keeping us from honoring and feeling all of our feelings.  
We then showed the mind how to actually honor and feel all of our feelings, so that we can return to our core nature of peace, ease and well-being.  
We taught the mind how to feel satisfied and settled, without feeling like it's going to miss out on anything. 
We had so much more come through, especially during the live 1 on 1 components of the healing gathering.
If you'd like to receive the healing downloads that came through during this gathering, please just affirm to yourself now "I allow myself to receive this healing in a way that serves my highest and greatest good, and so it is."   
The healing is available to you anytime you are ready to receive it. 
Whether you were at this event in person or you were with us in Spirit, thank you for choosing to be part of it.  Notice over the coming days, weeks and months ahead of all the personal and global changes that occur as a result of our collaboration together. 
Thank you also for your continued commitment to doing the inner healing work that is not only healing and expanding you, but is also helping to heal and raise the consciousness of our planet.  
We will be hosting more of these in-person events all around the U.S.  
Each event will build on the previous one so that we can create a momentum of personal and global peace, unity, love, prosperity and well-being for all.  
In service and gratitude, 
Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel Dagher, 335 L. Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90066, USA

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