Healing Starts in the Inner Life.

Teacher: The Beloved One.

Message received by Lytske

Urantia, April 28, 2019

Posted May 21, 2019


The Beloved One: “Life on earth is beset with uncertainties, and often unknowingly, everyone labors under the yoke of handicaps. 

“Humankind is learning to deal with, and accommodate the obvious visible impediments. It has hardly started to address the mental, emotional and spiritual handicaps. 

“The mental, emotional and spiritual handicaps are far more real and insidious. Because of their invisibility, they are harder to deal with. 

“The spiritual handicaps are intertwined with the mental ones and both affect the emotions. And although the emotional ones seem to be easier to deal with, they are in fact the most difficult. 

“The cause is often a lack of parental love and acceptance, a lack of nurturing. Frequently it already starts before conception, if the young couple is not ready to take full responsibility for the new life they are creating. 

“Yet there is always present the unseen Spirit of God. 

“Most so-called love-making is but a random moment in time, without a thought for the eternal consequences, yet it often culminates in the creation of a new life. 

“The world still lives in separation from God, and is oblivious to the love of the Creator. Abuses run rampant, as there often is a total lack of respect for human life and dignity. 

“Is it really any wonder there are as yet so few truth-seeking souls? The emotional and mental handicaps do influence the spiritual life. Much healing needs to occur in all these areas, and this is not accomplished with chemicals of any kind. 

“Healing starts in the inner life, with a truthful and sincere seeking of the real purpose of the Gift of life itself – the open door to all healing. 

“Much celestial help is available, and all one has to do is to ask in sincere prayer and sit in meditation to hear the answers. Doors are always opening, but it is in mindful and conscious living that these opportunities are discovered. 

“There are lessons to be learned, experiences to be gained for the growing of a strong and dependable character. 

“Do turn to the Silence within and listen to the still Voice of the eternal God.”
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