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daily inspiration 21 june 2019.

The Solstice today marks a turning point as the seasons change and the energy shifts. This particular Solstice acts as a doorway to our new reality and is powerfully activating galactic energetic codes within our consciousness. Attuning with the celestial flow enables us to harness this energy for great awakenings, healing and significant growth.

The Solstice is a magical time and offers an extraordinary opportunity for expansion. By choosing to consciously align with the flow energy coming through this Solstice, you are able to fully align with your soul's divine plan for this life. As you open to the incoming energy you will come to know and understand the power you hold to fully embrace and embody cosmic consciousness. Take a moment to bathe yourself in the influx of light energy the Solstice brings. Allow it to powerfully awaken, empower and reconnect you to your soul.
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