Gaia is currently in the midst of great change.

Message from the Pleiadian Collective 

Through Galaxygirl.

February 9th, 2019.


Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian Collective. 
We see Gaia in her many forms of beauty, currently in the midst of great change. We wish to welcome and send a special greeting to our many grounded ones, our precious ground team, that have been holding the light so steadfastly, so faithfully. Your work has not gone unnoticed. In fact, we cheer you on daily as you hold the light, the love frequencies amidst the tornadoes of emotions.
Perhaps you have seen us of late? Perhaps you will see more of us soon. For we are in the midst of the great intermingling and some of us are better at it than others. We see you by your energy signatures, we know you, precious ground team. You are well known and well loved. And so, we wish to alert you to our presences as we adjust in our human suits to these rocky energies. Although you are ascending, it is still a drop to experience your current energy, and it comes as a shock to many of us. For we feel the turmoil, the unrest and we too struggle a bit to hold the light. You are masters at this we see, and we hold you with high respect. We have much friendship, technology, information, love, to offer you and in return we wish to partner with you for the betterment of humanity, for Gaia’s healing. Much change is about to “get real”, as you say. It is true that we are the in the final push, that the dark is being vanquished, that the light has won and that you are just about to see all of this as you so wish.
Many of you are experiencing the intense energies with a variety of physical symptoms / ailments that we wish to address:
Sleeplessness: is a main one. Your circadian rhythms are jumping all over the place as you adjust to these higher frequencies, which we see. This makes it most interesting when you are meeting with us in your astral state and popping in and out of our reality as you go in and out of your dream state. It is quite funny and we always look forward to your visits. We know that on your end of it it, the physical part of you that is beyond exhausted, it may not seem funny, which we respect, and we thank you for your service and we assure you this is not a forever step.
Increased beauty: Such is a lovely side effect of time in the higher realms, it is true. Bathe in these higher frequencies and your bodies will respond glowingly. We Pleiadians do not age unless we choose that experience / appearance. And so we do not see it is a necessary experience. We enjoy our bodies, we enjoy feeling young and fit. We see humanity too will be enjoying this pleasant side effect in the near future.
Increased laughter: For many of you, increased joy levels, increased mirth, increased pleasure awareness, whether it be admiring the beauty of the sunset or feeling “slap happy” as you say – these lovely bubbly energies may make you feel fizzy, with glee. We do laugh a lot. It is not always so serious with us Pleiadians. But we have been in the midst of a pretty intense energy war for your planet for a very long time. We enjoy a good laugh and are pleased when we feel your laughter up in the ships. Laughing, we assure you, is a high vibe experience.
Love: Increased capacity to love is yet another lovely adventurous side effect from these incoming energy gamma waves from the great central sun. The crust around your hearts from eons of solitude, forgetfulness and programming is melting away. Enjoy feeling an expansion of love, and expansion of your true self. For remember Love is who you truly are. There is only love.
Wisdom: Many of you will feel more honed in, more tuned in to your inner knowing, your gut feeling and you will just know something is true without needing to back it up or substantiate it with hard facts from other source. Your innate knowing will be enough because you are becoming more confident with your abilities. This is showing us that you are ready for the higher dimensions as well.
Telepathy: This is coming online friends. We speak telepathically as well – as you know – and soon this will become the norm for you. You may hear us speaking to you in a crowded store or street, sending you love, appreciation for your presence on the ground.
There is much yet for you to learn and to discover. But these are nuggets that we hope you will find encouraging on your journey into the higher dimensions and as you abilities continue to develop, be sure that you nurture them and joyfully acknowledge them. See how far you have come and celebrate your many successes! We do!
We are the Pleiadian Collective, sending you much love on this joyous day of ascension. We embrace you with the white light of peace. Trust your inner knowing and “know” that all of this will turn out just right in the end. Remember you are the one writing your story, with your intentions. Intend, may we suggest lovingly, to ascend with the grace, ease and joy of masters who have done this many times before. And we assure you that you have done this many times before, but never en masse in the physical and never from a planet that sank so low, as dear sweet Gaia allowed herself to sink, vibrationally. And so you have much to rise up from, and we see you as dusting off the dirt and muck from your knees, your clothing and shining like the sun. And so enjoy -soak up! – these lovely high vibe energies from your sun portal and be transformed by them.
We are the Pleiadian Collective. We have enjoyed this conversation. Be ready for the change. It is here. It is you. You are changed daily, moment by moment. Enjoy this. It is an experience like none other. Blessings and be at peace in the midst of it.


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