Gaia Awakening.

Received by Mashubi.

World Blessings Sacred Letters #77.

March 13, 2020


Dearest Holy Beloveds,
Your holy mother Earth is beginning the final stages of her birth into the new reality of oneness that is the next step in her sacred journey and purpose.
All of the holy life that is upon her holy body, is also undergoing this profound passage.
The level of imbalance that she has been sustaining, for such a long period of time, is no longer physically possible for her to carry.
The purification process that has been accelerating on her sacred lands, has now reached a critical mass that is creating much needed balance within the sacred whole of all life upon her.
The holy Earth is not just her lands and rocks and trees, but all of the animal, plant and human life that lives upon her.
Gaia is awakening, and each life upon her is awakening as well.
For each soul embodied on the holy Earth, there is now a process of transformation and transition into a new level of being.
Beloved ones it is important to trust what is happening, even as you process the emotional and physical impact that the large scale changes are bringing.  
Each soul, including each human, animal, and plant soul, has chosen to be physically embodied at this time, on the earth, for the purpose of assisting in this transition, and for the purpose of healing and evolution.
We send our deepest love, gratitude, and assurance that all is known, and you have but to ask for assistance, and you will receive the blessings of heaven in your heart.
With all love and blessings to our beloveds.

Note from Mashubi:
Please also read this important message from my teacher GurujiMa on the coronavirus and the epidemic of fear.

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